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Cars BMW 320i STW/BTCC

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Patrik Marek, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Thanks to RD for providing place to discuss these mods and their development (since Kunos decided to close down modding section on their official forums)

    This is going to be a replica of the STW/BTCC factory BMW 320i, it will come in 2 variants ( BTCC/STW and the Endurance Diesel *winner of 24h Nordschleife )

    there's still a long way to go, I only finished UV mapping and baking AO, so the texturing of the exterior can start. Probably already know but everything about our projects is scratch made

    Most work is to be done on interior, there's pretty much nothing inside at the moment,
    I'm hoping to release late in 2016, hopefully enough time

    physics at the moment is somewhat questionable,
    our physics guys Bobskype and Lunae ( David Massieux ) are currently not responding, so pretty much no updates on physics so far, so we shall see how it goes

    thanks to everyone who was helping on the project so far
    Fonsecker - sounds
    Ben Lee - phtography/reference and support
    Lunae - physics


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  2. I´m glad to see you here. We also moved here after kunos "closed" there modding section. So maybe this is our new home base now. ;)
    The E36 looks amazing. Always liked your AO settings. The white colour comes out very well! And I don´t have to mention the proportions of your models...they are perfect! :inlove:
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  3. Thank you,
    I still think there is something little off about the kidneys, but overal the shape of the car should be there ( which is why I decided to start on UV mapping)

    as for the AO, I think the trick is that I do 2 bakes, one with the plane underneath the car to get nice shadowing form ground, and then a stand alone car only, so that it's only occluded by itself, and then it photoshop I mix the two
    it gives me slightly nicer blending on edges, and makes darker areas not so dark - while preserving the shadows form things like mirrors/wings

    and I also try to render at double-resolution that I will use in-game ( in this case 6144x4096)
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  4. Could you share your render to texture setup and you´re scene setup? My AOs always look a little bit grainy. In my scenes I use one skylight and choose complete map in the render to texture output. But it´s also possible to choose directly AO, which doesn´t give me good results.
  5. Sure, I will post those tmrw. It's quite slow so that's perhaps why it's not that grainy
    Main bake is done with light racer in 3ds max, second is done with xNormal
  6. Model looks really good as usual, hope you can find someone with good physics experience to work on it.
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  7. Gr8 to see you here Patrik as you have an involvement in some of my most eagerly awaited projects!! Hope more of the main modders come over to RD as it's going to be a real pain searching around for news on some very promising work otherwise!!

    Different forum and a new chapter, but still your Beemer is top of my wish list! ;-)
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  8. Dave_6

    Premium Member

    So glad to see you here Patrik!
  9. starting on the BMW motorsport livery ( taking a break from modeling )


    oh, and here are the settings for my AO bake
    1 skylight with multiplier at 1.0, sky color set to 242,242,255
    rendering with Light Tracer
    (if settings isn't mentioned it should be set to 1)
    rays 600
    filter size 2
    ray bias 0.01
    cone angle 60
    color bleed 10
    bounces 1
    Adaptive undersampling on
    initial sample spacing 32x32
    subdivide down to 1x1

    if I render my scene, this is what it looks like ( and what gets baked pretty much )
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  10. Thanks for sharing! I´ll try these settings.
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  11. slow progress, but progress non the less

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  12. ahh so racedepartment has started allowing pornography on their sites. :x3:
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  13. anyone know this logo ?
    it looks like it says Classici with additional small 'i'

    couldn't find it so far
  14. http://www.racingsportscars.com/cars.html

    this site has pictures on just about every race car so it might help. just about to leave for work so i can search sadly. good luck though
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  15. You will probably not find much better than that, it is a clothing trademark by an Italian company that went bankrupt a few years ago. The font is a sort of condensed Bodoni.
  16. If this can help you;
    Not the same logo but the letter is same
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  17. thanks guys, will put these into good use :)

    any chance of that bear logo too ? :) is that just a bear in there?
  18. probably done with this skin,
    onwards for the cockpit work, my least favorite part and now I have 2 cars in that stage

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  19. Looking sexy, Patrik!
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