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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Hello guys,

    it is time to start thinking about a new season, so it is time aswell for the teams to confirm their participation one more time. Again, the organization aim is to get all the teams we got last season racing, so we hope to see you again on track one more time and share our hobby with passion and fun with you,

    There will be no big changes from last season, and maybe only one or 2 circuits on the schedule are switched, as we want to do a serious work and get a constant calendar with minor changes, as it would be in a real competition. Cars and format will stay.

    We have decided to keep on racing GTR Evo and the same format & MOD combination again because we are working and waiting already to rF2 and that would have been a non necesary waste of time to change a combination that proved to work that well, so while rF2 becomes a fact and everybody gets used to it, we will end our partnership with the GTR Evo with a last season to say goodbye to the Simbin titles.

    IMPORTANT!!! Check next point to know how to renew your team license.
    • Current STC Racing Teams have to confirm they will renew thir license for next Blue and Black 2011 seasons on FEBRUARY, SUNDAY 20... do it HERE.
    Teams confirming the renewal can start skining their cars. Schedule have to be confirmed, but probably it will go from mid March to mid June.

    More news and updates will be posted soon, stay tunned.

  2. Geat news! :D David i was thinking about using the mod that you used for blue cup 2010.The GT's mod:D i think it's more accesible for all the drivers and the diversity makes the difference:D It's just a wish of mine:p
  3. Lol you forgot that was the worst season with alot of bugs and problems with the cars. ;)
  4. I dont think Motor AG were in STC to experience that season.....Lucky for them. David you have no idea how much of a bad idea you just had lol.
  5. LOL
  6. he does have a point though from the pure visual aspect of it: they looked simply great! (if and when they ran)
  7. Yea theres no denying that different cars make the visuals interesting, but last season was a good one from a competition point of view, and as it should be for a league we all pay to participate in, all cars are the same. Theres no reason they all have to look the same. However, not wanting to upset anyone, the visual quality of the broadcast needs to be ramped up considerably before we start giving too much weight to how nice the mod looks.
  8. hear hear
  9. Agree completely with Mike.
    I propose to use one skin for each team, as on the broadcast its impos to see the differences unless you know what you are looking for. Even even if you know, the low quality broadcast makes it to hard to see.
    Using same skin may also help for the guys with low spec hardware as only half the skins needed to be loaded.

    I have seen every broadcast and not one time the different skins in a team where a help. Keep it simple and use one skin a team I would say.
  10. I would rather a GT mod even if its something that comes with the original game. Im not a huge fan of Prototypes as proven last season lol
  11. I think most of us prefer GT. The only problem (ignoring the problems with the last GT mod) is that the cars can never be truely balanced, eventually the better cars become evident and some one ends up with advantage/disadvantage. STC did a great job trying to work a way to make it fair with car choices etc, but in the end I think its just too much work and will always cause problems within the league, argument etc etc. I think for mod makers to come up with a mod of different cars all with different characteristics and have them truely balanced is impossible, even Simbin couldn't manage it with all their resources, which is why I think theres special tweaks on all original tracks that give benefit to specific cars to balance them with other cars (they simply couldn't get a perfect balance for all cars on all tracks).

    rF2 is on the horizon and I think we need to start to focus on what will be the best format to take into there.
    No doubt you guys are working on the new rF2 format and mod etc, I hope we get the chance to put our views across at some point. My view as I mentioned is that all cars should perform the same, but can be any number of different models.
  12. We dont have to use different cars, Just pick a car thats a proper GT. The real life Ginetta G50 series has proven GT racing can be just as good with all the same cars.
  13. If its only about the visuals, then just replace the body of some of the cars. Keep the handling the same as it is now and get rid of the doran body... LOL
  14. Well, I think I am one of the guys who love the Grand Am series... but we will consider all the voices when rF2 time comes. :)
  15. Sorry yea misunderstood what you meant. Yea agree the G50s are awesome.
  16. I like the G-Am, not sure I love it.
    Would like to see some updates to the mod, I'd like a different "virtual" engine that revs higher and sounds, something like this :)

    And a new tyre manufacturer, and some better brakes ;)
  17. I also like Grand AM but the GT class. Those screaming madza rx8's sound awesome
  18. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    We still have time to decide for rF2 as we are at the very early stages now, we don't even have the sim.

    It looks like we will have to race another season with Evo, and I want to ask the following:

    - Don't you think go to a "single tyre" model again is a step back? I say this because all the normal mods and the default cars are "single tyre".
  19. A single "controlled" tire ive always thought is better. Look at real life series that do this.. NASCAR, BTCC, WTCC, DTM keeps the racing close. It's the same in sim racing in some series that just use one type of tire. But thats just my opinion :)

    Going back to the car, how about if each team nominates a car / mod with a link if its not original and then once every team has a nominated mod every team can test and vote. Highest car vote will be used as the mod.
  20. I agree with you guys:D i didn't know was such a mess...i didn't participated in that season:D Last season was the first for MotorAG:D And i liked the mod because it was up to the driver to make the difference:)
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