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Misc BlackSeries Graphic Mod by Nicola La Malfa 3.0.1

Graphic Mod

  1. Zaknix submitted a new resource:

    BlackSeries Graphic Mod by Nicola La Malfa - Graphic Mod

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  2. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium Member

    From your screens it seems a bit too bright to me
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  3. You have to set saturation to 90. There will be many updates
  4. Hello, you got the original game files? I forgot to backup. Thanks!
  5. Just open steam, right click on Assettocorsa,
    property and
    verify integrity of game cache. Cheers
  6. Thanks!!!
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  7. Zaknix updated BlackSeries Graphic Mod by Nicola La Malfa with a new update entry:

    BlackSeries 2.5 + Overcast Mode

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  8. Where did you get that Sauber C9 from your screens from?
  9. I made it myself ;)
  10. That's only a skin for mazda 787b
  11. New update coming soon with an improved overcast mode. ;)
  12. Working on new weathers mods: Foggy day and Light Blue, still wip!!
    2015-01-13_00002.jpg 2015-01-13_00004.jpg 2015-01-13_00005.jpg
  13. would like to know how to install?
  14. Just read Readme.txt file inside ;) It's so easy ;)
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  15. thank you managed to install
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  16. Hope you like it and enjoy it ;)
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  17. New previews for "Light Blue weather":
    2015-01-15_00001.jpg 2015-01-15_00002.jpg 2015-01-15_00003.jpg