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Black screen after intro

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Søren Holm Pedersen, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hi guys and gals!

    I just installed my RBR after a year or so without being on my machine.

    I installed patch 1.01 and 1.02 respectively, opened the game and.. Black screen.

    After the intro having been played, there's simply a black screen and an application that is hanging. It looks, through the taskbar, like the exe stopped responding. I try again and same thing. I've tried tweaking the richardburnsrally.ini file as google-searched solutions mention, switching the false variables out with true and vice versa. Nothing works - And my PC really is top notch, so one would expect it to work.

    It gets even more frustrating when I try and do a reinstall and run the game without the updates. It actually works! But I want RSRBR2009 to work too, and obviously that doesn't work with the standard 1.00 version.

    So is there anyone who has a solid solution for this?

    I am running Windows 7 for those who care to know this, and I've tried XP, vista and even ME compatibility settings, aswell as looking for a *.dmp file in the game folder, but nothing ever comes up.
  2. Thanks for the advice mate!

    Although, I tried these combinations:
    1: Clean reinstall with no patches = Working
    2: Clean reinstall with patches only = Not working
    3: Clean reinstall with RSRBR2009 = Not working

    I used your guide on how to install RSBRB2009 and followed it step by step, and also the "using RSRBR" was done the way you described, and yet nothing really works aside from number 1.

    It's quite frustrating really :/ There's others out there who run the game with Windows 7 without any problems starting the game (although some have problems of other sorts, but not anything that prevents them from opening the game and atleast getting to the main menu).

    I'll keep googling and checking BHmotorsports forums for solutions, and I'll keep checking back here if theres anyone with good pointers. :)

    FYI, everything I have installed on and IN my PC is up to date with drivers, so that shouldn't prove to be a problem either, if logic is what I'm aiming for :)
  3. hmmmm sucks man... sorry i can't be any more help... but i hope you get it sorted.... :nod:
  4. Søren,
    I had problems initially until I got the game settings to match my monitor resolution.
    A couple of things to try:
    Did you install the patches before RSRBR? You need to install RSRBR over a clean unpatched RBR installation.
    Try running it in windowed mode, under RichardBurnsRally.ini, change Fullscreen = false

    Try putting your monitor resolution directly into the RichardBurnsRally.ini, ie. I have
    XRes = 1920
    YRes = 1200

    Also, in RSCentre, open File/Settings and select your "Full Screen RBR 3D Ratio" to suit your monitor resolution.

    Maybe you have already tried these, but just in case.
  5. @ Warren Dawes

    Thanks for the tips, although I did all of the things mentioned in your post.

    I've been through all sorts of solutions, among these are those which you mentioned, and it's been taking all day. At one point I had some sort of breakthrough, which was that there was music/sounds after startup from RSRBR, but no image. I tried pressing enter a couple of times to see if it just entered the drive stage, but nothing happened - neither with image nor with sound. I ALT+F4'ed out, launched again with the same button (RSRBR settings), but this time nothing came up.


    It works perfect in my dual-boot Windows Vista, which seems to be the most problemfilled OS when it comes to RBR, according to several google searches.

    Thanks for the help so far, guys :)

    I'm going to keep checking out possibilities - Anyone who has any tips, feel free to post!
  6. have you set the admin rights properties.
  7. You don't install the poatches, RSRBR installs the patches itself.
  8. I have a problem with add-on tracks. I tried rbr 2009 and 2010 and i have the same problem. I attached a picture rbr.JPG
  9. to me it looks like gpu is overheating.
    you should clean the cooler (prolly lots of dust in it).
    new thermal paste wouldnt hurt.
  10. Probably....In the past i tried to overclock the video card. I have an ATI 9550 256 mb but in normal tracks it works whell with exception of btb stages. Thanks for advice..i will try
  11. in CCC click on ati overdrive, set your fan slider to 100% and see if it makes any difference.
  12. I got a black screen after the intro movies played. What I did was run it in compatibility mode for WinXP sp3 and I checked "Disable desktop compositing". This keeps windows from fuzzing with RBRs graphics and allows the game to run in Dx9 without a hitch.

    Windows 7 x64