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Black artifacts??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Andy Bolt, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Is it black artifacts or is there a lot of rubbish blowing about in the paddock behind the press men ? Also there seem to be too many birds flying in the skies at certain tracks eg Suzuka or are these black artifacts too ??
    By the way loving the game and will be awesome when hopefully the patch fixes the performance and bugs in game.... fingers crossed :D

  2. Hey are you getting the black boxes with what looks like a white light in the center?
  3. i've seen artifacts in montreal (after the hairpin) and spa (in the downhill mid lap). the artifacts look like flying leaves in montreal and they're definitely birds in spa. but if this is intentional, it's stupid, cos you see the same birds flying in the same direction in the same place in every single lap.
  4. now i saw them again at the lesmos in monza. just black artifacts, no birds for sure.
  5. OK ! so we are seeing Black artifacts , i have a Radeon HD5850 graphics card and running 10.9 Ati drivers , what are you guys running and how can we fix this ?

    Thanks Andy
  6. Lighting Mod

    Mine is caused by the lighting mod on a 5670. So, I'm waiting on Flo_Flo-F1 to finish the rest of the tracks!
  7. i'm playing on 360, so it seems this is not a configuration issue
  8. I can't answer your question, but it does make me think of one. I can't tell because of the view I use, but are there marbles in this game? They added that feature to the iPhone version F1 2009 and I hadn't thought about it until now. Seen any?
  9. Cant say i have seen any marbles but the worst i have seen the artifacts is at Suzuka on the long straight on the way to the fast R130 corner near the end of the lap ! Every lap it looks like Two sets of 3 birds flying across the sky ! Really annoying once you realise they are there as it always catches your eye forever more !
    If its on the xbox as well then there is nothing we can do to sort it.
    Also in the Paddock behind the Press men can anyone else see all the rubbish blowing along the floor and in the air ??
  10. i havent sen these at all but maybe just never noticed i will be on artifact watch lol
  11. If that's the case, then I hope I forget this and never notice it. Misjudging the R130 can't be a good thing :)
  12. man, i arrived at suzuka now and they're flying everywhere!!!

    and now they look like birds again. :p
  13. I thought I was crazy and was the only one who noticed these artifacts. Yes they are definitely there and can be quite distracting. To me, they look like some sort of dust/particle artifacts like the kind you see in very old B&W films. Really strange.

    Patch it kowdeez!!!
  14. I noticed these at Montreal too, particularly between turns 2 and 6. They're really heavy there. I also *assumed* they're intentional and that they're bits of rubber flying up from the car in front because these artifacts were only appearring if I was following another car. Given that assumption, I thought they were a great touch to the game!
  15. Well for me its the ones like Birds, Spa in the Rain... give me a break! I want them gone, please!
  16. I had them at Montreal and took it to being leaves, then I had the same at Spa, not sure if thouse are suppose to be birds?