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Black areas on screen

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Chadd, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Just like the title says...on certain tracks I'm seeing a black area on screen. It's either there is no track and it's just a black spot, or the whole screen is blacked out and I can't see where I'm going. It doesn't do it on every track so I don't think it's my graphics settings. Any ides or anyone know how to fix this? I added a picture if my description doesn't help

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  2. I'm getting the same thing on one of my pc's. Wondering if it's a SLI issue?
    Haven't seen it on my computer with a R9 290, but I am getting it on the other one (my son's), with 2 GTX770's.
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  3. Andrew

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    This issue is usually popular with the games that are not finished yet. So all that you can do is wait until DiRT Rally is more developed and updated.
  4. Same thing here. Running SLI on my pc. Hopefully they know about the issue and get it resolved
  5. I've been searching for other posts about this problem, and yours is the first I've seen.
    We only just installed DR on my son's PC, I was thinking this might just be a local problem with his computer.
    Hopefully, as Andrew said, it'll be fixed in final release.
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  6. It's okay because when it happens to me, my co-driver has it in his pace notes.
    "Right 4 over crest into black nothingness 200..."
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  7. chadd, i get a black square when i am in cockpit view, you cannot see the steering wheel or any of the instruments