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Beyond the ini

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Jarrod Crossley, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Hello moders out there.

    I have been looking into adding a team and car as part of Evo. I have got some stuff done and dusted by following what anther person had allready done.

    So heres what I ve done and semi understand:

    Crated Gamedata folder, Talnet folder and Teams Folder. In team folder created anonther folder called WTTC_2007. Within that folder I have created a folder BMW 320Si Teams.

    BMW 320Si Teams folder contains a team folder within that I have:

    .car file
    car body dds, Windows.dds, Numberplate.dds and the five wheel dds needed.

    In Talent folder I crated a talant file.

    Ok no to my questions:

    1. the Number prefix for the car can that be any random number as long as it realates to the diffearant parts need for the model and is used in the car file. (e.g 08060_BMW 320si_BODY_D)

    2. How do you include other materials like drivers firesuit internal/ extrenal and helmet.

    3. How yo you set the menu flag and results flag.
  2. 1. Yes, but i would start at 99xxx and go downwards.
    2. should be as in the XFILES, eg. 08060_BMW_320si_driver_numberplate_d
    3. Unfortunately no clue.
  3. I think number is 3 related to the talent file which goes with that driver/car

    For example, the BTWC mod had Turkington with a UK flag, but if you go into the talent file and change the NatAbbrev from GBR to NIR, the flag associated with him in game changes to the Northern Irish flag.

    Colin Turkington
    //Driver Info
    Nationality= Northern Ireland
    DateOfBirth=1982 Portadown
  4. Thank you Niels and Jon great input.

    Main ones that are throwing me are the internaland external driver and the Helmet.
  5. I hope I'm answering what you are looking for Jarrod:

    The driver helmet,arms and body files on the WTCC cars go in a separate folder to the car body and windows files.

    If I was adding a new car/driver into the WTCC 2007 class, the driver helmet, body and arms files would go in ...\GameData\Teams\WTCC_2007\Drivers

    The files are numbered with the same 5 digit code at the start that you used for the car body and windows. So for example Andy Priaulx is:


  6. Cheers Jon,

    Oh well that puts a bit of a downer on this. Ive been using some of the standard templates. Bar the wheels which I found else where.

    So I only have a Helmet and internal and external drivre, I dont have any arms.

    lol I'm armless, Hmm legless or armless ...
  7. are the external driver templates not just for the open wheel cars like FBMW & F3000
  8. No, The standard External suit is for all cars, be it from Race 07, STCC or Evo (they just dont work in Evo no matter what).

    The standard Interanal Template works with R07 and STCC only. There is a differant Internal template for EVo.
  9. ok no worries i know squat about skinning :wink2: