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Misc Better Mercedes Mod 1.0

More realistic Mercedes

  1. chessmaster02 submitted a new resource:

    Better Mercedes Mod - More realistic Mercedes

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  2. is it possible for you to customize the mod that williams and ferrari are very good :)?
    u can get shut out at my youtube channel if you want yt/BKPHighlights
  3. Heum..... Mercedes arent not already strong ? in my career with original value, Both driver have won all 10 first races
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  4. asd
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2014
  5. I will make a mod like that soon.
  6. Thank you man! :) give me heads up when u gonna upload it :p
  7. What did you change? (Engine better.)
  8. –¶hat you have changed? In my database, the values are the same.
    Oh sry, you change engine manufacturer.
  9. Engine Power and some other stuff have been changed. If you go teams and see the engine power that is incorrect. That is the stock standard for all teams who own an F1 car
  10. Can you do it this weekend possibly :)?
  11. ok. But what would you like me to change in it?
  12. So that bottas and raikkonen would be dominant :p little bit better than mercedes or at least equal to mercedes :)