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BETA patch 1.3

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by David Curtis, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. David Curtis

    David Curtis

    Copy and waste from the forums,

    Hi everyone,

    As some of you have noticed, we put a new patch live this morning in the beta branch. It's... pretty extensive this time. As ever, have a play around with it and let us know your feedback. If it's all good, we'll put it into the main branch shortly.

    Here goes. Deep breath... Patch 1.3 includes:

    • New driver traits
    • New mid and pre-season dilemmas
    • Pre-season chassis dilemmas have been rebalanced
    • Added safety car notification dilemmas
    • Fixed pre-season car info panel exploit
    • Fixed Chassis Stat related bugs in Car Design
    • A mail now arrives once a year that allows the player to choose a new rule to vote into the current series
    • Improved 2D liveries performance
    • Simulate Session screen has been redesigned to provide more detail
    • Practice simulation has been improved
    • Added a popup to see chassis suppliers on the Team Screen and Car Screen
    • Rebalanced the starting chassis suppliers of all teams
    • Interviews have been given an overhaul with a new widget and new questions
    • New interview-specific traits have been added that are gained by drivers reacting to the player's interview responses
    • Fixed a bug where all journalists were Gabonese
    • Rebalanced existing drivers with new traits and to suit the new GT teams
    • Ex-Driver backstory now improves driver feedback stats and increases the improvement rates of drivers
    • Politico backstory now also gives the perk of not having to pay to propose a new rule
    • Can now request funds from the chairman each season
    • Car liveries are now accurately displayed in races
    • Pit-stop mistake times have been rebalanced
    • Improved standings information during a session
    • All drivers now have a weight in kg
    • Road Car Factory now unlocks at level 3
    • Player Manager stats now start at 8 instead of 10
    • Improvability impact in Car Design has been doubled
    • Car crash traits such as Whiplash and Cracked Rib have been re-balanced to be more impactful
    • Car crash limit per race has been increased and re-balanced
    • Fixed being able to build parts during pre-season
    • Players can now automate the 'Clean Air' setup in qualifying
    • Fixed an issue where drivers were given drive-through penalties during the practice session
    • Fixed a bug where vehicles were coming back into the race after they had retired
    • Fixed a bug where race messages would not appear when loading a race
    • Fixed a bug where a team's fanbase would never increase or decrease
    • Fixed a bug where the Balance, Standings and Track Guide drop down menus would be missing when loading a save
    • Improved road textures in Milan near the 5th corner
    • Fixed a Preferences Screen bug where all presets would default to low
    • Contract Negotiation screen now displays additional information about current drivers
    • Fixed multiple instances where journalists would refer to drivers with the incorrect gender
    • Rebalanced race retirements
    • Rebalanced driver desired championships and wins
    • Fixed an issue where members of staff would retire too early
    • Fixed a issue where chairmen would be hired and then quickly retire
    • Rebalanced the peak ages of regenerated drivers
    • Rebalanced team AI when they're first in their series
    • The Grid Screen will now stop auto-scrolling when the player interacts with it
    • Fixed an issue where relegated teams could still re-negotiate contracts with drivers who were valued above their new relegated series
    • Changed the starting grid positions of the player's drivers in the tutorial race
    • Fixed a racing line issue in Dubai where cars would appear to drive off the track at certain corners
    • Fixed a car crash path in Vancouver that lead to cars going through concrete barriers
    • Fixed an issue where some mechanic bonus icons did not reflect their actual bonuses
    • Fixed an issue where inputs other then the mouse/keyboard were set as active
    • Fixed an issue where qualifying position was not being correctly displayed in the driver form tab
    • Fixed an issue where an old notification for a part being built wouldn't register as being read
    • Fixed an issue where the Gone Rogue trait wouldn't behave correctly
    • Fixed an issue where drivers would still send radio messages about their car after they had crashed or retired from the race
    • Re-aligned the car model on the HQ Test Track
    • Improved the visibility and apperance of the car during races
    • Improved the performance of background videos
    • Multiple performance improvements
    • New Steam Achievements
  2. Fraggon


    Wow, thats a lot of great changes! Did't really expect that much after the workshop update recently! If they keep up the work this game is going to be played a looooong time
  3. Bjorn de Haas

    Bjorn de Haas

    Rebalanced existing drivers with new traits and to suit the new GT teams

    Okay !!!!!! the thursday update wil be gt cars? :D
  4. Akra


    GT Cars! Yes please! And after that some fictional LMPs to go with it! That'd make this, literally, my perfect motorsport manager game!
  5. enzoli


    Where did you get these infos. I can't seem to find them anywhere...
    • Love Love x 1
  6. Beynasuh


    They have delete the 1.3 topic. That's why you can't find them anymore.
  7. Bjorn de Haas

    Bjorn de Haas

    They took it off from the website, It wasnt suppose to be there because of the gt cars announcement
  8. enzoli


    Yeah, just saw that too.
    So we know something is coming but we don't exactly know what and, most of all, how.
    Guess we'll have to wait.:rolleyes:
    • Haha Haha x 1
  9. Beynasuh


  10. TheFlamingRed


    Hehehe ;) how many requests do you think Enzoli will get to make a GT 2016/7 mod?
  11. Beynasuh


    Oh I can't count that much. :confused:
  12. enzoli


    Waw. Lots of new things.
    Will be interesting how it unfolds.
    This will definitely influence the way my 2017 mod comes out.