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[Beta] FVR DTM 2007 AI update

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, May 10, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Please find attached all new beta AI talent files. I am most interested in the results at 100% AI, but please feel free to post % outside this too...

    Before you install, you will need to backup your current DTM talent folder that is located here:

    ...\race 07\GameData\Talent\DTM


    Un-rar to your main Race 07 folder...

    Please give feedback in the following format:

    Track Name:
    Track Version:
    Game Mode: Practice/Race Event/Championship/Online with AI
    Game Install Type: Steam/Offline
    Game Patch Version(Offline only):
    Car Models Selected: Audi 07/Audi 08/Merc 07/Merc 08/Alfa/BMW/Chevy/Seat

    Posting of screenshots of results and/or bad AI driving appreciated but not compulsory :skywalker:

    Attached Files:

  2. First, thanks for this great mod for Evo... it's Fantastic!

    I'm planning on running a few more, but here is my first race with the Beta talent files:

    Track Name: Mid-Ohio (Virtua LM)
    Track Version: W/o Chicane
    AI%: 100%
    Game Mode: Race Event (offline)
    Game Install Type: Offline
    Game Patch Version(Offline only): No Patch
    Car Models Selected: All 2007 Default Filter

    The AI did great lap times... in the mid 1:18's during qualifying and as you can see from the final times, even some fast laps down in 21st position. The racing was great, but I don't remember if Mid Ohio had a slow AI. Please suggests some tracks if you like that are maybe problems.

    All cars pitted at least once, some stopped twice. I had fuel at 4X and ran 15 laps! Max. distance at this fuel settings is 8-9 laps. Top 8 positions were as follows:

    1 - Merc
    2 - Merc
    3 - Merc
    4 - Alfa
    5 - BMW (Me)
    6 - Audi
    7 - Merc
    8 - Audi

    Here is a screen shot of the final timings and a image of the final lap of the top 6 cars... as clsoe as we could be... I'm in the BMW... !

    Hope this type information is helpful!

    EDIT: I added the screen shot I took of qualifying times as I thought it would be helpful. As you can see the top 20 positions were within 1.3s... pretty damn good!

    Attached Files:

  3. RKipker - You have 2 Mattias Ekstrom's in there...

    will d/l this update and try it out..will let you know the findings.

  4. Maybe becasue I ran more cars than they actually have and a couple drivers doubled/. I never pay attention to that unless it's a championship. I like no less the 22-24 cars more on some tracks.

    If it's another reason, I will look into it... driver assignments.
  5. Thx Randall, exactly what I was looking for :)

    And yes you will see doubled up drivers is you "over select" in the number of drivers. This is fine :)

    Regarding tracks, any and all tracks is fine, as you can imagine, I can't test them all :)
  6. Track Names: Hockenheim 2004 GP, Lausitz ring DTM, Oschersleben, Norisring, Donington 04 National, A1-Ring.
    Track Version: see above
    AI%: 88%
    Game Mode: Championship
    Game Install Type: Steam
    Car Models Selected: Audi 08 and Merc 08 only.

    All was fine, had some good races. Although the AI% was too low, ended up running away with a couple of races, but thats nothing to worry about, I can up the % here.

    Cars stayed on track (except for when they were pushed by other drivers, not by me though!). The drivers you expect to be up at the front in RL were up the front in the game. Much improved AI :thumb:Although they dont move to defend their line when your attacking, but I think thats a common feature on any racing game?

    One other thing I noticed, headlights arent very bright on the Mercedes.

    Thanks for all the hard work.
  7. thanks for the feed back :)

    Will look at the headlights...
  8. Some Feedback...

    I did many hours of testing with beta-AI on Hockenheimring and Nurburgring and can report that the AI is performing excellent. I use the 2008 skin pack and the drivers just perform as expected. I have been at Hockenheim for last weekend's DTM race and the overall feeling of the mod is so close to reality (fortunately, the real drivers also have problem with turn 1 [​IMG] ) ... Thanks again for the excellent work!
  9. thx alot for that feed back!!! yes I watched them not perform T1 the best on DTM.tv :D