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best way to start a race

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Jasper Renema, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. I tend to lose some places at the start. What are your tips to get more traction and more speed?
    I always lose some positions..

    Thank you.
  2. I have the same problem...

    Hope somebody could help us...
  3. Assuming you use manual gear so ..
    1. The timing to shift up for the 1st 3 gears is the most tricky part, change too early or too late will cause serious time lose. If your 1st gear ratio is set to somewhere 126kph then it is ok to change to 2nd gear when you reach 50/60kph .. or just look at the speed meter, when the race start you see the speed climb little bit slow from 0 to 10kph ---> 20kph --->. 30kph and then the climb will get faster later say when you reach 40kph it go ---> 50kph --> 60kph > 70kph & thats is the sign your car fully move by the 1st gear & thats the time you shift to 2nd gear. How about 2nd to 3rd gear ?? I say at least another 40-50kph after the first gear.
    2. Try not to steer especially when you are still in gear 1 / 2 / 3 .. very easy to lose traction and cause wheel spin that way. If wheel spin do happen lift gas & quickly throttle again to gain back traction without losing too much speed.
    3. Start the race with Rich Mix 3 especially if you start with option tire.
    4. Use Kerbs.
    Thats it, dont know how useful is this but thats how i do.
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  4. You want to build the revs in the red lights so they're just sitting on the green. Don't sit max revs or no revs. Helps give traction on the launch.
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  5. thanx guys
  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    This is what I find quite tough with my pedals.. sensitivity is high even on the least sensitive setting for saturation so it's not easy modulating the revs in the mid range at all..
  7. Yeah, I lose several places at start too. I have improved it though by having my Gear 1 ratio all or most of the way to the right. This makes it less "sensitive" and it also helps on those rare tracks where you use 1st gear during a race (like Malaysia T8).
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  8. I wonder if this a good idea .. longest gear mean minimum acceleration power so you need longer time from 0-50kph and you usually need to brake much earlier in any gear 1 turn since gear that long cant provide effective engine braking to faster slow down the car, and again when you slow down enough to make that turn you take longer time to accelerate .. this method may be somehow useful for fast & powerful car but definitely not for slow car.
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  9. We're talking about Gear 1 only, the one that gets very little or no use at most tracks except at the start and exiting pits. For me, it made accelerating from Gear 1 not so sensitive and therefore better traction.....for me :) I'm only doing Career in the Sauber, don't know about other cars. Just try it, it MIGHT help? Now I only lose 1 or 2 places instead of 4 or 5 :cool:
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  10. Yeah I know you talk about gear 1 only. I play Marussia vs Legend AI with all assist off and my start still ok with short gear 1, anyway if that really work for you then why not :)
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  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I think this game is really goingot make people think more about their starts than any of the previous versions. No more just jumping on the throttle and making up multiple places at the start of races. It's all about more control this year which is perfect as far as I am concerned :thumbsup:
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  12. I found that instead of all the way 100% throttle for gear 1 can try to lift abit say 90-95% after the car start to move and once you hear the engine calming down not scream like crazy then press again for 100% throttle and change to 2nd gear at the correct kph according to gear ratio, usually this help tire to gain maximum traction/grip faster in gear 1 & 2.
    Of cause this only can be done using pedal, not keyboard / joystick :)
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  13. Anyone have auto gear technique?
  14. Yeah I have the same problem with my Sidewinder FF wheel.
  15. I also suggest to start with option tires, they have much grip