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best mods?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Blake-Lee Danher, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. hey guys i was wondering what mods are the best and could you leave me a link for them?
  2. My personal favourite mod is EastCars:

    And I pretty much like the World Touring Masters mod that can be found here on RD! There's an event up for tonight, you can find all the info you need to download the mod in it's thread in the racing club! Join if you wish I'm sure it'll be great fun!

    Or you can take the original, unbalanced, Touring car legends mod:
    But I'm sure you will have more fun with the Touring Masters mod and the racing club events:)

    Other than that I'm pretty new to rFactor too, still discovering what's the best for it! Already downloaded 16GB of mods and tracks last week LOL. These are pretty nice too imo:
    Megane Trophy mod (also in the racing club): http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rfactor-cars-9/megane-trophy-2-02-4095/
    F1 1992 (in the racing club as well): you can find a direct download link in the racing club for that.
    or Cart factor: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rfactor-cars-9/cart-factor-v1-0-1383/

    And as you're from Australia I'm sure you'll love the V8 factor mod, though I didn't try it yet:
  3. It depends entirely upon your preferences, really. The point of rFactor is that it's a modding kit, so there's a variety of cars available in all shapes & sizes. Do you like open wheelers? V8's? Karts? Trucks? 1000 mph land speed record cars? Buses? Touring cars? Spec racers?

    Just have a long (looooong) look at Nogrip and rFactorcentral and you'll get an idea of what's available (though not even all of it).

    Personally, I think the mods of 'smaller' cars are often most fun and realistic, because they often incorporate feedback from real life drivers in those lower classes. For an F1 or CART car, input of real pilots is far less likely.

    So my recommendations would be mods like the Suzuki Swift Cup, Caterhams, Formula Ford and Vintage Formula Vee (most fun you'll ever have with less than 100 BHP!), Civic 4G, Spec Miata... All great fun and relatively real-life-like.
  4. Hi there, i agree, it's pretty much down to what ever type of racing you enjoy. I'm new to rf too, and have installed heaps of mods, but i think Touring Car Masters is the one. Can't stop myself, and it's a little better than the original Touring Car Legends.
  5. historic legends is superb. of course you need a real copy of gtlegends to install this mod.
  6. After a recent little revival of PCC(Porsche Carrera Cup) over the past few Friday nights it reminded me just how excellent it is,it was one of my first favourites in rFactor,and remains so.
    The best use of the RealFeel FFB plugin i found was the Clio Cup mod,very many fun close races in those.
    Enduracers will also rightly get mentioned in these kind of threads too with truly astounding high quality work,and again utilises RealFeel in a nice way.
    V8's are well covered by ORSM,we all eagerly await there newest version that could well be thee big mod of this year,but a blast of 1.3 wont do you any harm at all to give you a taste of whats coming.
    And ofcourse RD's very own WTM has earned its place here as probably the premier mod providing some of the closest tin top action ever seen on a puter screen!.
  7. Mapu


    RD's WTM Club
    Enduracers Endurance Series SP1
    Enduracers Porsche Carrera Cup France 1.1
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    Bathurst Legends 1972 1.3
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    Opel GT 1.0

    last but not least:
    CSGT's 1970 The World Sportscar Championship

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  10. i really like legends cars mod
  11. If you like open wheel cars, and don't mind a completely custom car to drive check out Gridmotorsports.com All of the open wheel cars (Grid-GPs) are 100% custom to the mod and created by each team there every season, with preseason testing etc occurring before each season. It's a really unique league. There is also a touring car portion of the mod, but most of the cars there have been borrowed from various other mods with permissions, and edited to fit with the mod.

    I'd encourage you checking it out if you enjoy open-wheel cars.
  12. Tin Tops FTW.

    BMW 320 E21

    Have to say I dislike all the modern F1 mods, also Enduracers makes me wanna hurl.
  13. ORSM V8 Factor
    FVRFactor 2011
    Toyota Supra
    FSOne 09

    Some others but I hardly race rFactor anymore so yeah. Can't remember whats installed.
  14. FVRFactor 2011
    ORSM v8 2006
    BTCC Mod
    F1 2009
    FVRFactor NZ
  15. i cant get fvrfactor 2011? :(
  16. You need to go to their website and register in the forums then a couple of posts and you should be able to download it, they said the public release is going to be a week or two.
  17. oh yea i got it, its really good