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Cars Bentley Continental GT3 Anniversary Edition

The glorious Bentley Continental GT3 finally in Assetto Corsa

  1. Kakusso submitted a new resource:

    Bentley Continental GT3 - The glorious Bentley Continental GT3 finally in Assetto Corsa

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  2. Hi, the mod is really cool and cant wait for the final version.
    Although, I have one issue, when I play from on board, all the windows got a weird glitch grid effect which is very hard to see the track. Any idea what could be?
  3. Kakusso updated Bentley Continental GT3 with a new update entry:

    The Bentley Continental RC2 is now available with glorious sounds and more textures

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  4. Hi Kakusso
    I'm the owner of a sim racing website, named OnWheelsTV (www.onwheelstv.com). The website is running for a little over to weeks and, at the Assetto Corsa area, we published a report about this mod. In fact, we published one about the RC1 version and today, another one, about the RC2. Please feel free to visit us, you will notice our website is different and here is the link for the report we published today. (http://www.onwheelstv.com/assetto-corsa/bentley-continental-gt3-rc2-available-for-assetto-corsa/) .

    Best regards
    Jorge Cabrita (OnWheelsTV)
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  5. where to place in folder? It shows up as a EXTTexture photoshop image file .
  6. good mod but why is the windscreen so pixely
  7. Very cool modeled car but i won`t load for me
    it has a KN5IO error.
    here are the logs (scroll all the way down too see them ) can somebody help me? thanks

    ERROR: KN5IO trying to load version 6 on a KN5 v5 system
    Loading 0 textures
    Loading 20 materials
    ERROR: Shader XTTextures.png not found
  8. That is the template for making other liveries, the link for the car is the one indicated by RaceDepartement.
  9. That is odd because the file name is EXTTextures.png, not XTTextures.png, when does this occur?
    what version of Assetto Corsa do you have?
    this message seems to be the key:
    ERROR: KN5IO trying to load version 6 on a KN5 v5 system
  10. Sorry for the late reply, I am mostly on Assetto Corsa forum, I only saw your message now when releasing version RC 2b.
    I will read you review, and certainly integrate your suggestions.
  11. I am currently on AC 1.01 (i know but i can't update the game for a reason) but your old version's worked fine though so what did you change?
  12. Hey man, love the new version, however, wanted to make you aware of an issue. I was making a skin, adding only the Blancpain number plates, and the hood texture does this...............n Showroom_bentley_continental_gt3_v2_14-7-2015-23-7-16.jpg ot sure what you can do about it, but thought I'd let you know.
  13. I made a change to the model, will correct it on the next version.
  14. Didn't change anything probably Kunos did.
  15. Sounds good, thanks again!
  16. no sound outside the car for me