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Belgium GP 2012, Whos going?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Richard Hoddinott, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Whos going?
  2. I wish i could. Pouhon, Bus Stop or Eau Rouge would be nice to sit at.
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  3. i am attending for the first time this year and would appreciate any advice on seating?

    Did i mention this is my first live GP?

    Cant wait!!!!
  4. You'd probably want to sit at a spot where there's plenty of action going on. Les Combes would be where I'd sit
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  5. Like I said any ideas are good at the mo, as I have never been!! I'm guessing the idea is that we sus out locations on the Friday and Saturday befor settling in on the Sunday!! What about getting close to the drivers and that sort of stuff??
  6. wish kimi can get a podium finish in his lucky place, but i have no chance to be there
  7. Not many places for one to get close to the action at Spa, because most of the grandstands are at the edge of the large runoffs. There are grandstands at the start/finish straight and the run down to Eau Rouge that are close to the track.
  8. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    The good thing about Spa is that if you pick wisely you can end up seeing a couple of other parts of the track. :) Last year when we were walking around D.Ricciardo's transport vehicles nearly ran me over when he was coming back from watching the GP2 boys go up eau rouge. Wish they had lol, might of gotten to see abit more of Spa :p
  9. These are all really good suggestions about viewing places, what about camping ideas we are staying at the track site.Also where to spend practice on friday/ saturday morning.
  10. For practice i would probably sit at Bus stop.

    Everything i´ve heard about F1 cars is that nothing is as impressive as the brakes.
    So you will see cars hit 300km/h and go down to 60-70km/h in around 75-80m.

    Like they are hitting a wall. Even Schumacher said that he used to sit at braking zones :)
  11. So what i am gleaming from this is that i should probably se as much of the track as pos on friday and quali and then decide sat evening on a plan of attack for race day?