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Being able to drive 2 different cars at once...

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by fyshstyx, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Is it possible to spawn 2 cars, and be able to drive both of them like in Beam.NG Drive? (Without AI)
  2. Of course its called Multiplayer! ;)

    But more seriously the answer to your question is simply put, no. You can ride with the AI, but you cannot control them. (PG UP or PG DWN will switch between cars)
  3. uhhh...i have a couple questions:

    1. Is there a way I can do split-screen or make my computer join itself?
    2. What happens if I make the game expect more than 1 car. Can I config it so it spawns 2 cars that I could drive maybe?
    3. How do I make my router open the ports I need open? I cannot add the port I need open.
  4. 1. No split screen, and while in theory you could make your computer join itself, I've never seen it work for Racer.
    2. If the game expects more than 1 car, the first car listed the player will drive and the second car will be set to an AI player.
    3. Opening ports on every router is different, my suggestion is to google the make and model of your router and find instructions online.
  5. The port I want to open is 25000, and there is no option for that...
  6. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll