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Beating R&D Lap Time Objectives - Quick Question

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MagicEvie, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Hi good people

    Just a quickie about the R&D laps if I may.

    You get an objective, say - 'Beat laptime of 1:52:00' which you accept and out you go. You have 6 laps to achieve it in.

    You lap under the 1:52:00 on the first flying lap - is that the objective completed? Can I then pit and say jump to Qualifying if I want to? I don't hear anything from the Engineer to say I've achieved the objective - or do I have to do it for each and every of the given number of laps?

    Thanks for your help in advance, happy racing!
  2. Yes, move onto qualifying .. I do it with ever R&D
  3. Cool - Thanks Gary :)

    EDIT: But how do you know when you get the upgrade? Does it it just appear - like the fuel throttle setting options aren't greyed out?
  4. I thought it was every practice session? So you have to hit the target time in P1, P2 & P3 to get the upgrade? or have I just been wasting my time?
  5. That's why I asked the question, ongy2k3

    I'm not sure myself but Gary Thompson suggests just the one lap - unless other people disagree? :confused:
  6. James Chant

    James Chant

    Look in the top right corner where your lap counter is. When you are doing your R&D laps, it will say R&D next to the lap number until you have completed your objective. Your lap time will also highlight green when you have achieved the time. From this point you don't have to do any more laps, and the r&d objective in engineer menu disappears. Don't forget to fast forward to the end of the session, not skip straight to the end.

    You have to complete the r&d objectives in each practice session. (1 on short weekend, 3 on long weekend).
  7. Aha! Thanks James - I was just using the menu to come out of practice, not fast forwarding to the end of the session - that's where I was going wrong. Thanks again, much appreciated!
  8. o thats why i didnt always got them, cheers for clearing this up :]
  9. You can also go to the Event Info board choose P for practice then jump to the next practice session to do the R&D quickly. This eliminate's the fast forward aspect of thing's.
  10. James Chant

    James Chant

    That's what you have to avoid. The R&D doesn't work when I have done that way so is why I recommended the fast forward above: as it does work for sure.
  11. How to do you select your R & D approach? you have to do it at the start of the season?
    i am in my second racing for HRT. I swapped from Virgin to HRT. I became 1 st driver but i dont know how to change it
  12. As you start a new season as first driver. You can select the R&D approach, on the monitor.
  13. Edit. CONTENTS REMOVED... Wrong answer... /me fail icon_facepalm.gif