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Be still my beating heart

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. By the power of Greyskull!

  2. Wow, me want :eek:
  3. Already listing kidneys and other saleable body parts on Ebay :)
  4. $600 total for that... It's super nice but I like my nose on my face and sleeping in my bed at night... lol...
  5. Will be absolutly Getting it :) Already Selling some of my Steeringwheels to "justify" the purchase a bit more :D
  6. Can't wait to see the available rims. Probably a bit far-fetched, but I'd love to see an old style wooden wheel for GT Legends :D
  7. unlucky it doesn't work on the X360
    don't like the X360 version of this wheel

    hopefully it better build quality then the there old wheels
  8. Very nice. Is this why the customer support has appeared to be so flackey of late? That looks like a big project dev wise.
    The quality looks top drawer.
    I think that might be on the list for November...
    Well done Fanatec, looking Good!
  9. I didnt realise arnold schwarzenegger worked for Fanatec, close your eyes and listen to it lol.

    the wheel looks great though
  10. A bit of a sweeping generalisation there Nick, I learnt a little German in school but I wouldn't be able to speak in German like he speaks English in that video.

    As for the wheel, its expensive but I've had good use out of my current Fanatec PWTS and Clubsport pedals. I can't change the rim so if I wanted something different I'd have to buy a new wheel, I'd look on that new wheel should I buy one as a long term thing as with new rims it can adapat to what I may need.
  11. yeah Kevin was just i put it on had to go out the room but could hear him and i was just like arnie. there was no offence ment mate :)
  12. No worries Nick, he's good at promoting his product