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Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Yuri Braham, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Who have spare Bad Company 2 beta key

    Hey Guys,

    I wanna try the beta for Battlefield Bad company 2 PC.
    Does someone have a spare key for me.
    I already signed up at the beta form on battlefield page. But i heared that its to late to get a key.
    So if someone could provide me 1. You will make me a happy man.

  2. you're waaay to late. They were giving out a lot of keys the first days when the beta was released, and also other sites did. Sorry I dont have one, but if I did I would give you. All that I can say is that the game is sick
  3. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    Hey guys, are any of you going to be online with this at all? Ive pre order my limited edition from game.co.uk for £25.It is released this Friday 5th in Europe. If you are getting the PC version we could do a few squads and go kick some ass :)
  4. I have it coming on 360 and PC, I'm taking a chance on the PC as I'm right on the minimum system requirements as far as CPU goes though I have a little oomph to spare with the GFX card but I'll be limited by my CPU but I'll give it a try, the BETA ran ok'ish
  5. Has anyone else pre-ordered this game thru Steam? It is available for download now and in my not installed games it has Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Pre-Order but when I go to try to start downloading and install game there is no option like other games I've gotten thru Steam. Anybody have any ideas?
  6. yeah its only pre load at the moment isnt it? unless US have got it already
  7. Just noticed now on my Steam games menu that Bad Company 2 just unlocked and is available for download. Better late than never. :)
  8. BattleField Bad Company 2 server is now LIVE!!!!!

    Hello fellow racers!:smile:

    The AwoL Gaming Communitys BattleField Bad Company 2 server is now LIVE!!!!!
    Please feel free to join the server @ or search * AwoL Gaming Community * in the server browser.....

    All are very welcome :smile:
  9. Your all very welcome to join our server anytime!

    Search or search * AwoL Gaming Community * in the server browser

    Looking forward to some good fragging :)
  10. See you on the ''battlefield'':thumbup:

  11. after having the pc beta, and i personally think this could be the most succesful Battlefield game so far, also think it could blow CODMW2 out of the water, i was so impressed ive bought it for 360 and pc
  12. I think its far better than Loll of D00dy: Modding Glitchware 2. I've also bought it for PC and 360 and may even buy it on PS3 too. My 360 copy came today thanks to an early delivery from GAME and I've been playing it all evening. The destructible environments and the slightly more realistic weapons are the draw for me - though not as realistic as say ARMA II - but I like a little fun in a game too! Snipers have to earn their crust by having to put lead on their targets at range and also allowing for bullet drop over distance, not like the point and kill weapons in CoD. The classes work well and the new game mode 'Rush' is a lot of fun and can get very intense especially if two teams are evenly balanced. I'm only here typing this now because the servers are down for maintenance temporarily otherwise I could see me playing into the small hours, it gets really quite addictive collecting upgrades for weapons and unlocking new ones as well as gadgets.
  13. I cant get online on the pc steam version it just keeps brining up Cannot Connect to EA Nation
  14. Same here Rob. Maybe EA servers are down. Don't know for sure though.
  15. The Dice master servers took a beating due to the release. seems it's a global outage.. it's seems to be back up & running and our server is all workign fine and open to the public. but here's a late statment from EA/Dice>

    As you are aware from discussions on the forums, we have been having server load issues over the past few days which has affected game performance and even game stability for some players. As part of reducing server load we asked all our server hosts to shut down the EA Public servers while we work at optimizing the server browser in game to handle the large amounts of servers. Also as part of this server load cut backs, we have requested that the server providers do not put up anymore clan/rented servers either. This decision was made to reduce the impact on you guys when you are in game from affects such as slow server browser refresh, inaccurate server information refreshing and some of the other issues you have been seeing.

    The server hosts can still take your orders and answer your questions but until we have made changes to keep server load down they won't be able to fill your order and put up your servers.

    So you all don't worry about whether this means you can't get into a server be assured, there is enough server capacity to allow everyone to get into a server and play. It might not be your favourite server or server provider but you can still get in there and get dogtags from someone new.
    Thanks for your patience and we hope to allow the hosts to put up servers again for you all as soon as possible.

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    Hope this helps! :wink:
  16. Everybodys welcome :thumbup:
  17. Defoo buying this once my new pc is built, cant run it atm =/
  18. I've not been able to play because of the issue with punkbuster. I have the game installed, punkbuster installed with it and it keeps kicking me out of the game and saying I need to update. I have had no problems with the 360 apart from short periods of downtime. I've gone through all the options on the Punkbuster site, downloaded it, updated it and still no joy. The laughable thing is Punkbuster is easily circumvented by the cheaters so like the DRM the put on the disks it only hurts the honest player.

    Apart from that though...great game! :) really enjoyed what I've played so far. Its really frustrating not being able to play on the PC but I'm sure it will be fixed soon enough.
  19. Hi Matt, thanks for the link but I don't have BFBC2 installed via Steam and I've downloaded the latest pbsetup from the official Punkbuster site, ran it, added the game, looked for updates and it tells me everything is up to date but still the disconnects happen. Its ridiculous