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bathurst will not launch

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by bluey, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. have downloaded bathurst 3 times and is in locations loaded from folder to tracks and is listed as there when i go to game bathurst is listed as a track but when i try to launch the the track map is there but nothing happens in the launch bar at the bottom of page helppppppp
  2. Gringo



    Can you confirm that the track is installed at the correct path. It should be

    ..\Stock Car Extreme\GameData\Locations\Bathurst\Bathurst2010
    Could you generate a trace.txt log file and we can trouble shoot this issue assuming you have the correct path.

    Open the properties of your shortcut to the GSC executable and add the following
    e.g.: "D:\Games\Stock Car Extreme\GSC.exe" trace=3

    If you use steam you add the " trace=3" to "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS" that you find when you right click the GSC entry in the Steam games list and choose properties.

    This will generate the log file and save it to your LOG folder under the UserData folder.

    ..\Stock Car Extreme\UserData\LOG\trace.txt
  3. i gringo i will try to do that ...but i am a complete novice with pc ie i have trouble sending a email ... in locations tracks at the bottom of page it is the unzipped file i unzip and bathurst shows as a track at the top of the page it does not say2010
  4. further to my last post at bottom page says winrar logo my zip opener gsce-v1.03 i unzip then at top page bathurst is there no 2010
  5. also it will not launch with tracks included in the beta version of game and the 4 tracks i downloaded but the cars are there at the moment i have uninstalled the game with steam and downloading again
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  6. yes correct path but as i say in my last post beta version of tracks will not launch either
  7. Gringo


    I don't understand this part... which betas of which tracks?

    Anyhow the stock tracks and cars that come with GSC are loading properly for you, is that correct?
  8. i received a key from reiza for gsce beta version which included the new aussie v8 and downloaded from steam but when i go to launch any of the v8 and tracks will not launch al other cars are ok
  9. sorry to burden you with this am downloading again from steam will let you know how it goes regards bluey
  10. Gringo


    The beta of GSC has the new SuperV8 car, that is true but there are no V8 tracks unless you add them yourself.

    I am quite sure you are having some issues moving the track folders from the zipped file to your game locations folder.

    If the track folder(s) are not in the right location, the track will still show up in the track list in game but it will not load.
  11. Gringo


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  12. ok i think you are correct just wish i was more pc educated i have just watched the vid from reiza and i was doing it another way after i download again i will try to follow those instruction will let you know how things go many many thanks
  13. Gringo



    It can be confusing at first. Don't get discouraged, you have the skill to get the job done. There's a first time for everything.

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  14. just a though gringo i go locations then track is that correct or should it be to locations only
  15. Gringo


    This can be the tricky part.

    Most of the time the track makers will .zip or .rar (simply a file compression type) the track they made with only the folders required to be placed in your locations folder. You don't need to make any new folders.

    I will use the Bathurst track as an example. You download the file "Bathurst_GSCEx_V1.03.rar"

    Open the file "Bathurst_GSCEx_V1.03.rar" and you see a folder named "Bathurst" .Open the compressed file (with WinRAR I assume but other apps can do it too)...

    Now you have several ways to move forward from this point.

    Open a file browser (windows explorer) to your "..\Stock Car Extreme\GameData\Locations" folder... you will see all the track folders currently installed (in the right side window pane).

    You now have two windows open. The compressed file, and the windows explorer with the locations folder.

    Drag and drop the "Bathurst" folder from the WinRAR window... to the windows explorer window.
    Now you need to be careful at this point... drag the "Bathurst" folder to some open white space on the right hand side window (not into an existing track folder). Alternately you can drag the "Bathurst" folder to the left hand window pane and drop into the "Locations" folder.
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  16. Do a ctrl+alt+del to see the error please.
  17. hi gringo SUCCES downloaded from steam again took 2.75 hours thats fast for me because i only have wyfi first time i download 5.5 hrs some times down to 30kb/s and many pauses this may have been the problem so i played the game with no track mod loads guess what supercars loads and starts on any track FIST DOWNLOAD WOULD NOT START then downloaded bathurst opened from doanload to it self copied game went to locations opened there SUCCES SUCESS played bathurst I THINK IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE FIRST DOWNLOAD STOP START LOW DOWNLOAD RATE
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  18. hi patrick the prob was first download from steam some times 30kb/s stop start maybe some thing did not load properly new download at 900kb/s to 1.4 mbs every thing works fine now PATRICK BATHURST IS GREAT.. FANTASTIC .... LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT ... WHAT A 100% GREAT JOB YOU AND YOUR TEAM HAVE DONE NOW FOR SURFERS JUST DREAMING
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  19. PieterN


    Good to read, you got it working !
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  20. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    That's good to see you have it game now, mods seem confusing at first but it's just really extracting an moving a folder. I would suggest using a cable connection for gaming, wifi is okay for browsing internet but gaming is quite a different animal ;)
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