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Tracks Bathurst Fastlane AI 0.7

Bathurst fast_lane.ai update for v0.7

  1. RowanZa submitted a new resource:

    Bathurst - Bathurst fast_lane.ai update for v0.7

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  2. Thank you for this. Great!
    Does the Textures folder just go as a whole folder into the "bathurst" folder?
  3. Yes, they replace the Kunos and Assetto Corsa banners and billboards, makes it look a bit more aussie like!
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  4. Thanks, has made track playable. Good job.
    I started with a 23 car grid, using audi l8 and 96% opponent strength, only problem I saw was the last 8 cars in the left hand 'lane' went straight to the left and brushed the wall, but eventually set off so they completed race. I saw no crashing into walls other than that.
    Thanks for your time. Really appreciate it.
  5. ????????
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  6. thanx, i was getting really frustrated by the AI on this track so i tried making a new one, trying out varying driving lines. This version gave the best results with virtually no crashing over the mountain and not being dive bombed and shunted down the dipper ?
  7. ac.jpg
    Just at the start of a race the picture shows the cars near the wall at the pits, those few cars seem to turn into the wall and scrap along it until they get going. This isn't a major problem for me, just thought I would let you know, that's all. But great fun to race here now... ;-)