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Bathurst 1984 for rFactor

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mikec87, May 3, 2011.

  1. Mikec87

    Premium Member

    Hi guys.

    This may be my last project apart from updates. It is due by December 2011. I will try to replicate the 1984 version of Bathurst before the Chase ( I hate the Chase lol!)

    I will finish QLD Raceway and the 2011 50th Aniversary of Lakeside Park and then get stuck into this.

    Mike [​IMG]

  2. Looking good bud. Did you use BTB to make it?
  3. Mikec87

    Premium Member

    Hi Wayne.

    No, all in 3Ds Max 2009. Bit of a mission, but will get done :)
  4. I love the Chase :)

    Why 84 and not 86 btw? You a Group C junkie? :)
  5. Ok cool thanks for letting me know. Its just I have been playing about with BTB for about a year now and thought I would start a track but there is still lots I don't really know.
  6. I think you could be rather close to the point there ryan, haha