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Basic Setups for FSR 2012

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Soylattes, May 31, 2012.

  1. Soylattes


    Have been playing this mod for the past couple of months and enjoying it immensely.
    The suspension and advanced settings however are still a bit of a mystery to me.
    Found a 2009 Precision Motorsports setup pack but I'm not sure if it translates ideally to this year's mod.
    The gears etc are all pretty much right but the car just goes off in the fast turns...

    I did however manage to steal the gear ratios/diff/aero settings from these setups and performance has improved
    greatly... I'm just wondering if anyone can provide me with some info from track to track (for this season) in regard to suspension and advanced setup. The car is SO much better to drive when it's right... So far Hungary has been the best setup I've achieved.. makes the other tracks/setups feel terrible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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  2. Ben Jacobs

    Ben Jacobs

    I'm fairly useless with setup work, so I can't offer much advice. All I will say is that minor tweaks can make a massive difference with the springs/advanced - just need to play around with it really.

    I would recommend the race2play setup developer tool - http://www.virtualr.net/race2play-setup-developer-3-0-released It's been really useful for me!

    You might find this document useful as well - http://gridmotorsports.com/forum/league/723889049/595195175/rfactor-f1-setup-guide.pdf

    Hope it helps!
  3. Johannes Kunkel

    Johannes Kunkel

    I suppose you already posted on one of our youtube videos a few days ago?

    We haven´t tried the 2009 setups, but this mod being completely different to the 2009 one it will also need completely different settings. If things like the gears work with the 2012 mod I would see it more as a coinsidence.

    You will achieve a better setup for yourself if you start from the default one of this mod using one of the setup guides Ben posted. Afterall that´s how everyone started, driving and reading about how you can affect the handling with which setting.
  4. David Dominguez

    David Dominguez

    Just a recommendation, if some guide suggests certain values, ignore it, because each mod is different. Maybe you need 30N/mm for the rear antiroll bar in a certain mod, and 0 for another mod.
  5. Ray Lexes

    Ray Lexes


    "This program is no longer available from Race2Play."
    :( Can u upload this tool please :)?
  6. Jonathan Holmes

    Jonathan Holmes

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  7. Ryan Walker

    Ryan Walker

    I use the Race2Play set up developer and it has helped me a lot when making set ups:)