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Barcelona GP 2007

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Barcelona GP 2007 for Race ON/STCC/GTR Evo/Race07 Version 1.0

    ----===||| Installation |||===----

    Extract to ...\Steam\steamapps\***your-name***\race 07\

    ----===||| Credits |||===----

    Converted to Race On by Günthar Rowe a.k.a KämpferAs
    Thanks to Meck2's guide and others at NoGrip

    ----===||| Heritage |||===----

    Original track from GTR² by SimBin

    2007 update to GTR² conversion for rFactor version made by Katsuo

    Cam-file by HitM

    GTR² Texture-update / fix by merlin75 (fixed messed up textures in the new track sections)



    Günthar Rowe


    Please edit/update the link when someone can add it to RD downloads as I can't get uploads working....
  2. Awesome! Been waiting for an updated Barcy. Thanks mate!
  3. no prob mate, hope you enjoy it....
  4. It's a good track and your work is very good. But, this track is, for me, bad for the WTCC cars. Do you think to add the Barcelona National layout ? Or a shorter layout than the GP layout ?
    Thank you for your answer !
  5. I have a Nat track done, but.............................. it needs a AIW built for it.... :( which requires the track to be converted to rF then have an AIW made, then converted to GTR2, then to Race series....
  6. Ok, thank you Günthar !
  7. Found a possible bug with either the track or the game.

    Running a GT ch'ship, got upto this track, did quali, then called it night, computer off etc..come back the following day, load up but a strange problem.
    I had forced pitstops on, even though the race was only to set to 9 minutes long. On the grid, and during racing, you expect to see the pitstop window in the top right, but this didnt show, and all the AI pitted at the end of lap 1. I carried on, won the race by a country mile :p but despite not making a pitstop with forced stops on, it didnt DQ me.

    Did the same again after turning the computer off and coming back the next day but on a different track and this didnt happen.

    Also, the AI on this track seems to be very quick in qualifying, but alot slower in the race. They were 8 seconds a lap quicker than me in quali, but in the race, the gap to 2nd place stayed more or less the same.