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WIP Barbje Winter Special

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Barbje_Keller, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all, :) I want to presented my new track dedicated for winter rally. Description of this track is winter rally supersecial - rally show.
    Track details:

    • Location - Sweden -Karlstad
    • Track lenght: 1,890 m
    • Surface - snow
    • Terain modeling- texturat - 100%
    • Snowbanck - 100%
    • Road - modeling -100%, texturating - 50 %
    • 3D modeling - 60 %
    • Track physicks - 30 %
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
  2. Wow, looks very good! We haven't had almost any new stages on snow which makes this one even more interesting! Keep up good work! Is the stage layout based on a real stage?
  3. Great work barbje! it looks really nice

    And the beta you sent me was very good
  4. very nice!!
  5. Yes it's real rally SSS from Sweden - Karlstad
  6. Awesome, it is one of the preatiest stage in RBR, hope it will be convert into oryginal format!
  7. cool .. any idea for an ETA on a d/l for a driveable beta??

  8. All works is done. Need only add snow physicks simulation (Jonahathan its waiting you ;) ) and i will share with all
  9. are you going to make it in the original format of RBR?
  10. Yes of course, but in my plans make two version. One for RX plugin with photo flesh and simulated snow physics. And another for original file format with weather and night condition...
  11. I'm happy of it, looking foward for relase!
  12. Now, we with Jonathan, try to do some of simulate snow physick. And then it's go to public realize...
  13. Yes thats right, i did some snow physics with snowwalls sucking you in but it was quite difficult to get it too feel right and now it seems the car wants to get sucked into the snow and roll :p (track is quite narrow and unforgiving with hard snowwalls) but instead were trying to make quite nice and friendly snowwalls and i will make them this weekend so Barbje can put them on track on monday :)
  14. position of camera

    barbje Keller: You know, there is problem with replay cameras in RX plugin, but in this case (because it is very small and flat area ) the solution is to put this special stage and just everything about 10-20 meters lower (attitude) and there will be fantastic replays. I hope you know what I mean. Try it and let me know ;-)
  15. Yes, but this I must to do more time ago, when start making this track. Now do this - to much and hard work...
  16. Progress preview conversation for original RBR file format

    Modeling - 100%
    Textures mapping - 100%
    Cameras in replay mode - 100%
    Animation - 100%
    Pancetones - 100%
    Different weather condition - 100%
    Shadows - in progress...
    Big thanks Marcin for help and patient when supporting my track!
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