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Bahrain - Division 2 Post Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Olli Hirvonen, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Grats to Pautov!

    Many did not show up, and even less finished the race. Hope we have more guys racing next time.


    I had my first pole ever in Presto and Pautov and Mulder had almost the same time. I dropped to 3rd place in the first turn. But soon Pautov and Mulder had a collision and Mulder was pushed out. After that I was 2nd until I spinned (stupid!) and dropped to 5th. Then I managed to slowly come back to 2nd place. Almost catched the leading car (Pautov) before pitstops. But my slow pitstop and Pautov's fast second stint meant i finished 2nd. Gottardi was 3rd.

    EDIT: I mean Rouge was 3rd.. :p
  2. Hi,

    Qualy was ok, 2nd sector i was quicker, but i lost the pole in 3rd sector.. But good for Olli first pole! Grats!

    Race was terrible....... :frown:

    Start was ok and briefly i overtake Maxim. Then he went to first and i stayed in 2nd for 6 laps..
    I got pressure from behind and the adreline risses.. Maxim brakes too late for corner and misses his apex. I am steering in corner, side by side and we both bumped in too each other. Maxim can continu but i overshoot the track and lost my front and back wing and suspension problems.. Car is barely driveable, and i am going to pit.. Finaly getting there the car is preparing to get fixed, a bug or some other stupid think happens...!!! The car wont get in pit mode but olso no drive or any sign of moving... Then car is driveable but no fix??? No fuel load??? Damm.. have to go again, with damaged car.. So 2nd attempt it went ok, but already lapped for 3 times...

    Going into chase mode a realised that points its all i could get for now, so maybe happy with my result.. :confused:

    But i am not happy with Maxim... When we bumped u really needed to wait for me.. U were reparing ur misstake for braking too late, and u were on the far left of track. If u had lifted and didnt overdo ur correcting, nothing had happend and we were fighting side by side..
    So i want to ask the Racedirector what he thinks about it.. I really think there needs some attention! ( replay starts about 312 )

    For the rest of the game it was very a shame how less people attended.. :thumbdown: I really hope the next time it would be better...

    See ya at track!

  3. I can't speak for anybody else but i left nico a pm about my reason sorry i couldent make it but al be back next race :D
  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :thumbup: GREAT PODIUM:thumbup:
    but only 16 drivers in Quali. 2 or 3 lost in problem NET before start, same me last race, I'm sorry about what happened and understand very well how it feels.but go to the race start in my usually last position at first turn front me FOG all cars on brakes ehehehe after a fews laps im in 7th position along the race I had a little contact with my mate Werner, hint was slightly is the impression from my car ,no damage for my car but I see Werner's car jump ahed 6 or 7 meters SORRY Werner:smile:.Around 15 laps Alessio is on my mirrors he push hard I defend myself and close doors he spin and lost a few second but when Im in Pit him overtake me ,from here at finish I found Coen little battle and stop . next time guys :cool:
  5. DNF again.

    a quick report ;)

    Cautios start, lost positions from P11. Made up positions through T1 due to carnage.

    Lap 1 T11 had a moment due to car ahead unexpectedly almost slowing to a stop.

    Lap 1 T14 car tapped right rear of car 1 coming into corner due to un-anticipated slowing (I was cautious but not enough it seems as I was attempting to pass), pulled over and waited, dropped almost to back of field.

    Lap 1 T15 passed Valerio before corner but got a friendly nudge, no hard feelings mate ;), damaged suspension cause a spin at T11 pitted at end of Lap 2.

    Did some good laps made up a position had a few scrappy laps eneded first stint in P9. Pitted due to worn tyres on lap 18.

    Exited pits in P11 and then lost car due to over steer in T11 sending me into the wall loosing left front.

    Dissapointed at second DNF due to crash halfway through race :(

    I'll watch the replay tonight and report incidents that I caused (accidents and cuts) after.

    Practicing my 'Waltzing Matilda' next ;)
  6. wasn't really in shape......yesterday was the first day that i haven't temperature and i didn't touch a wheel from saturday due this flue......but it was really really a fun race yesterday i enjoy it a lot and for my point of view was really fair and fun the fights that i had with Olli and Nicolas.....
    i'm a bit disapointed about my finish result ( i lost many time again for stupid things), but if i consider my situation than i must be very happy for that (i want always the best, like the other drivers here :p, ehehehe :p)......

    Qualy: not bad, was near my PB (only 0.020 second for it) but i knew that i could do maybe an high 1.29.9xx and so beat my PB, but it didn't happen.....the time was finished.....
    so i found that i wasn't so bad in the single lap, also after my forced holidays....but i knew that keep the concentration for few laps is not like an hour race!!!!

    race: normal start for me.....for staying on the outside of T1 i went a bit wide but i hope that i didnt' create any problem (will watch better my replay ;)).....
    after that i was in 6th position i think.....in some laps for the spins and accidents of the other drivers in front of me i was 4th, 3rd and for one lap also 2nd.....behind me Olli was really more fast, he was pushing, but i keep enough the concentration and so i was able to keep him behind for some laps....in lap 10 he overtook me on the final straight......
    was really a nice overtake, because he surprised me a lot......on the straight i took the inside for not let pass him from that way....i knew that he was more fast on the straight so i was thinking that this was the only way for not let him do an easy pass.....i wanted to give him a bit of fight and fun, also if i knew that he was more fast.....but maybe i wasn't enough on the right, and he found a little spot for pass me from that way and when i saw him it was too much late for close him....after that i risk too much my brake (i miss my brake point for few meters, and so he passed me easily and i lost also another position for my wide.....
    now i was 4th behind Olli and Nicolas........in the same lap in the double left corner T8-T9 i had also a big lag (i don't know if it happened only to me or also to others drivers) but i was lucky that i wasn't too much close to Nicolas and Olli and so i didn't hit them!!!! :D
    after that i tried to keep close the gap with Nicolas and he spun 2 laps before my pit stop, so i earned again the 3rd position and also some second....
    i did my pit stop and one lap later also Nicolas did it.....but for my surprise the 2 second that i had before the pit now were 13 second....
    the pace of Nicolas and mine were really the same.....he usually gained a bit in the intermediate 1 and 2 and i gained in the 3rd.... but like happens to me in this last times i spun and after that i had also some problems at homes that made me loosing other times.....
    after that Nicolas was behind me and he hit me in Turn 3 (lap 32)..... he was really fair because he wait me for regain my position (so i think that is not needing any penalties because accidents are normal and if one wait you is like a punish because he lost a lot of time), but i cut a corner after that accident and so i was forced to lift the gas and so he pass me....
    now i was behind him with an equal pace and so my pressure was consistent behind him at ~ 1s of gap until lap 37.... i wanna try an attack soon as possible....i knew that i was more fast in the last part of the track before the final straight so i just tried to stay near him in the first 2 parts of the track for try an overtake in T1 like Ollie did on me, but i did a big error in T4-T5....
    i opened the gas too much early and with not fresh tyres this cost me a spin and i broke the suspension and i lost the front wing....
    in every case i was lucky because i had more than a minuts on the 5th (a good Alessio Lucchesi ;) ) and i must do only 2 laps.....so i take my car at home in 4th position......
    again i lost the podium in the last part of the race, but this time was only a mine (and also a bit of real life problems) fault so every one deserve their spot!!!! For what i saw from my point of view every fight that i had was really fair, fun and nice.
    So congrats to all the finishers, congrats Maxim for the win, Olli for the 2nd and Nicolas for the 3rd, he really deserve it because he gave me a lot of fun!!! ;)
    congrats also to mine italians friends that finished the race!!!
    thanks Prestogp, Mak corp and race departments for their work!!!! cu at melbourne....i hope to feel better for trying to do better on that , new for me, track!!!! :D

    P.S.: for my race i haven't anything to say to the Race Director.....on this track imho there weren't spot where you can gain for cutting, and i think that i didn't cut in the whole race.....is also the track layout that from my point of view didn't invite you to cut!!! ;)

    Edit: i watched the replay and i saw that the car that i hit maybe a bit, in T1-T2 in lap 1 , from my replay was the McLaren of Anthony!!! ;) sry m8 if i did something to your car!!! ;)
  7. Hi all! Wow it was cool!!! It is my first victory in races online! I this victory compared as if had sex for the first time))))
    Qualy: Improbable struggle for 1 place, cool, I hope that in all other races there will be a same strong fight ;) Race: Start I took well, but Coen have made it best!
    To T1 I have occupied a trajectory inside, and Coen and Olli were outside, at an input in turn there was a contact to car Coen. Coen sorry, but you strongly risked.
    My Race>
    I have passed the first part of race very badly. Houses on trainings I went for 1 second faster.
    But in the 2 part of race has found the rate, and all has well turned out.
    Why that to the people was in Bahrain a little? I hope in Albert Parke to the people will be more. P.S all thanks for race, we will meet in Australia!
  8. Hello 2 all and congragulation to POD and participates

    I just get back from my "vacation" few days ago and didnt had much time for practice on this track
    hope 2 take part in further events
    CYA on track :thumbup:
  9. Ummmmm... you lost me in the translation here Maxim. Either the feeling after this first win was like hooking up with a girl for the first time or it was the first time for a girl to win meaning that you are a girl... hehehehehehe :wink:

    Just having some fun with you :wink: Well done Maxim :thumbup:

    Well done to the rest of the podium and finishers too :smile:
  10. I think that it was you (not sure but you said sorry) who hit me but it was T10 and there the speed always stops immediately. I think that it is much better way to just wait until the first lap ends and check other drivers speed until you start hunting heads and I think you drive too close if you hit someone's behind, though. No hard feelings it was just not my day at all as my legs don't work normally atm...little break now and I'll back much more competetive...see you soon.
  11. Today I will edit the message.
    Sorry for my English )))
  12. Hi all

    First of all grats to podium and all that finished.

    Qualy went well Q12 close to PB. Then 90sek before race start, game crash and I was out on desktop with the mini dump message:frown:

    Hopefully it will work better down under in the next race and that more drivers show up.

    See u there.

  13. btw guys is possible having an admin inside div 2 for switch between the sessions when happens things like that???

    if you switch again to qualy, and anyone join the track and the guys who got problems join in 5-10 minuts, the grid will stay the same and all the drivers can run......you can't do this when happens in race, but at least you can do it when you are in warm up and people crash.....

    this is only a mine thought......i prefer wait for people join instead to go without them.....if the problem request only few minuts for me is not a problem wait......

    btw admins and the majority of the drivers got the last word about that argument!!! :D
  14. [QUOTE= at an input in turn there was a contact to car Coen. Coen sorry, but you strongly risked.

    If u mend in the race this accicdent i kept my line when i was exiting the corner.
    And a wait would be nice...

    But we will see what Race director think... Allthought many grats with podium and race, without the incident i think it would be a close race.. :thumbup:

  15. Ok,no problem Coen.Race director both will tell, and will be.
  16. Sorry for this, I did a very nasty move:frown:. Trying to pass on the inside, my car jumped on the inside bump and I hit you while accelerating. T3 is one of the few overtaking spot, but you did well keeping the inside lane. I hope that I didn't break anything on you car (mine was fine).

    My race report is coming..
  17. don't worry you did the right.....i didn't have any problem so it was all good for my point of view and you gave me a nice fight!!!! i love race like this with things and surprises that happens until the last laps!!!! :p
  18. My race report :


    Qualified 6th, beating my PB by a few millis. Not bad, since I worked very little on my qual setup (it's only my race setup with SS tyres and less wings & fuel).


    1st run :
    Good start, not easy because my 1st gear was shorter than in Abu. I braked a little too early in T1, and may have frightened Joe that was coming from behind like a bullet ! I definitely should have spotted a braking point in the right side, and practice more start procedure to avoid this. Anyway, no trouble at all, and I was 5th in T2 after Mattia ran too wide.

    Very shortly, a group of 5 pilots were battling close to each other in the front. Since I was the 5th of those pilots, I had some time to enjoys the fight and didn't want to try something before my tyres were hot and my heart pounding slower. I was concentrating on clean driving and earlier braking, in order to avoid running into the others. I let them gain a few meters, and noticed that Mattia was gaining on me.

    Coen had some troubles in lap 3 and I passed him, and then I approached Chirlie. I tried to pressure him, showing myself in his mirrors. In lap 4 T1 I gained another position after Olli spun, but Chirlie was faster and faster, battling with Maxim for 1st place, and I could just maintain my position between them and Mattia behind me.

    I lapped Coen in lap 5, who was running without front and rear wings (had to brake hard to avoid him after T7, but that's OK). In lap 7 T13, I was able to pass Chirlie who ran too wide, and tried to gain on Maxim but that proved impossible : he was damn fast!

    I spun in lap 10, blocking my rear tyres in T8 while attacking to maintain contact with Maxim. Mattia and Olli passed while I was recovering, and I restored my pace just behind them.
    They were battling very hard, especially in T1 in lap 11, and I was able to pass Mattia than ran too wide in T2. Shortly after, in T10, Olli froze and I passed through him. What a fright! He reappeared ahead in the straight, and Mattia was able to close me because I slowed in the process, but I quickly pushed again and kept him a few seconds behind me.

    I spun again in lap 19, in T1, and Mattia passed me. I was a few meters behind him when he pitted at the end of lap 20. I could do one more lap, according to my fuel gauge, and hoped for a pit overtake, but my tyres decided it was too much for them, and made me spun after T1. I lost too much time here and knew that I would be behind Mattia when I would exit the pits. I pitted at the end of this lap, nearly missing the pit entry since I had not practice much pit stops on that circuit, and crossed the finish lane in 1st position in the pit.

    2nd run :
    I exited the pits in 4th position, like I expected, and was more than 10 seconds behind Mattia. I then pushed as hard as I could to gain on him (I did my fastest laps then), and 10 laps later, at the beginning of lap 32, I was right behind him. I tried to overtake him in T4 but the inside bump made my car jump into him, hit him and made him spin. I waited him to recover, but he ran too wide in T6 and slowed to let me pass, so I did and was 3rd.

    I continued pushing until the final 3 laps, because Mattia was still very close to me, but he did a mistake in lap 37 and I was almost sure to make the podium, unless I did a mistake, but I didn't and continued pushing until the finish lane.

    Thanks to all the drivers, especially Mattia who I battled with most of the race. I hope there will be more people next race.

    See you in Australia!
  19. That wasn't me Kimmo. I was 2 cars back from that. It was Alessio Lucchesi and it was on lap 2.

    I actually wrote my full race report last name with driver names and even time stamps and the jsut before I could submit it I accidentally pressed the back button on my mouse and lost it all. So I swore a bit and went to bed ;)

    I'll redo it tonight but in Word or something that has autosave...

    Just a note. The guy I knocked off in T14 is Francesco Sindoni. I followed his progress after the incident to see if he sustained any damage. He was fine but... I'm not in the habbit of telling on people but Francesco really needs to read up on our league rules with regards to waiting. T8 on Lap 2 or 3 I think it was...
  20. There's several problems with that unfortunately... First, the grid tends to shuffle a bit (usually a few people gets drastically altered starting positions) when you move the server a full cycle. Second, the race gets delayed, which could be a problem for some. For example the Russians, which race very late local time and the Australians which may have to go to work as soon as the race ends.

    So being nice to some often ends up being bad to someone else unfortunately :(

    BTW, this is only meant as a discussion point, not an admin decision :)