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Bah! Help me decide my last year team...Red Bull or McLaren?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jack Acid, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Entering 5th season, have never raced for either. I'd be the #1 with either Vettel or Hamilton.

    Is there a huge difference in the cars? Thanks.
  2. Which team do you like more?
  3. One is blue, one is silver :D
  4. Richard Knight

    Richard Knight
    GP2 - No.1 Virgin

    Go Red bull, that way if you lose at least a Brit will win lol
  5. Mercedes engine sounds better, Red Bull has slightly better cockpit view. Whether you prefer your readout on the wheel or behind it is personal preference, but I guess could be the deciding factor if nothing else helps.
  6. After driving the RB6 for 6 season and i'm my first season with with the McLaren. I must say that both have their pro and cons.

    McLaren is a tiny tab faster and accelerate slightly better. Red bull is the stability and control. Its just easier to control the red bull and more fun to drive.

    but engine sound, the McLaren sounds a bit better. :)
  7. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    ^^ Ignore this as it doesn't apply to the game.

    McLaren is slightly quicker in straight-line speed, but Red Bull is far more balanced and stable in the corners.

    It pains me to say, but in my opinion the Red Bull is by far the best car in the game.
  8. I am driving with McLaren in my second season. The car sound is a bit shrill. I liked the Virgin engine sound better! :)

    I only chose ML coz i was bumping out Hamilton out (hate that guy!!)... Go for RBR anyways! Vettel >>> Hamilton!
  9. Really? I hadn't checked, but that sucks.
  10. Thanks mates, great replies.

    I think I am going McLaren because it's the last year of my 5 year career and I have to wait until Rep. 35 to try them again when I start a new career; i.e., this might be the last time I can use them for many, many hours.

    Even though instinctually, I think I'd rather race the RB car.

    And to answer "which I like more", I'm afraid I'm a Ferrari guy so I have no fan loyalty to either.

    Thanks everyone!
  11. The ferrari car is not bad either. Just that you probably need to drive for 2 season or more and with the first season getting good constructor result. As it defaulted to MercedesGP and Renault tier, therefore from the 2nd season onwards which they will upgrade the car, than you will see you performing on par with the Bull and the Silver car. :)