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Bad Ping When Online - Please Help!

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Ho3n3r, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. So, I joined an online race somewhere else on Thursday, where I noticed that the cars were weaving madly, like they were slalom skiing. I thought it might have been a temporary thing, and they even restarted the server.

    That helped none, and then in the second race's qualifying, someone told me my ping was very bad - 600ms to 1100ms. I was baffled. My usual ping is around 200ms in rFactor 1, GSC and the like.

    Then I decided to ping the actual server's IP via command prompt, and what do you know - solid 190 - 200ms pings, consistently. Thus I thought there were gremlins on the server, rather than on my PC.

    Then I decided to join the Nurburgring race on Saturday, only to see that my ping is still massive, and this on a totally different server.

    I must make aware that I changed the "Max Data per Client" or whatever the setting is called in Multiplayer.ini to 128, as recommended for lagginess before I joined on Saturday.

    So, can anyone perhaps advise why I would have normal international ping, but have it be so exaggerated when actually online?

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Try turning the graphics down, which is a quite common ISI related thing. That might help. But 190-200ms actual ping is quite high too, so there might be something on your end with the ISP. Possibly packet loss at the router.
  3. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg
    Premium Member

    How about the firewall settings or virusscanner? They can slow down your connection aswell...
  4. I will try the graphics thing, thanks.

    But that ping is about as good as it'll ever get from South Africa to Europe, and I've never had issues with it in many years in rFactor or Gsc or any of the normal online racing I do.
  5. Wouldn't that count for rFactor 1 and GSC as well, though? As mentioned, those games have no issues online.
  6. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg
    Premium Member

    Depends on the ports which are being used...
  7. Ahhh thanks :) That's something I haven't thought of. My router settings automatically add the ports to my firewall, but I haven't opened them for rFactor 2 yet.

    This might actually work...:cool:
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  8. Hi

    Thanks for the info, tried both, and also disabled both, but no luck... :/

    I have no idea what to try next :(
  9. Ah, I didn't see notice you are from South Africa. In that case you have to wait until rF2's netcode gets improved. Currently it's really sloppy. We had a hard time sub-country league too. Laghits all over the place, which are mostly cause by the Multiplayer collision being weird. There won't be a fix for your lag I'm afraid.
  10. I get that the 200ms won't be fixed, but the 600ms to 1200ms ping is the real problem - surely this can be fixed? rFactor, GSC etc. have the normal 200ms ping in-game, as it has always been.

    I ran online races say half a year ago on older builds, had no issues like this at all.

    And I have checked, rFactor 2 is added to the firewall, and I even disabled the firewall AND AVG, which solved nothing.

    Obviously there's something which exaggerates bad ping. Some guys have say 60ms ping to server, then on server it becomes say 160ms, and others, like me, have 200ms ping to server, then it becomes 160ms.

    There must be something I can do. When I bought the game, there wasn't this exaggeration of ping, and thus I had no reason to get the refund a second time(yes, I did once, when it was still a very bad beta) - but if I had to choose now, I'd have strongly considered a refund if I was able to.

    The main reason I have it, is so that I can play online, and if I can't at the level which I can with other sims, it's essentially a broken game for me. Unfortunately, there aren't that many South Africans that play it locally either, which would have been better in this scenario.
  11. OK so I really have no idea what caused it, but my ping is back to normal after doing a complete reinstall.

    So thanks to all who gave advice :thumbsup:
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  13. Make sure that you either manually close the launcher once it starts the simulation.
    Also there is a check mark you can apply to do this automatically once the Sim loads.