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background image causing an error in rF

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by cafeaulait, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. I've run into a problem...I blend in my background picture with the terrain, export the track, and, when I try to load this track, rFactor gives me an error message saying, that it can't load my background picture for a material...
    Checked track folder - my background picture is there. Opened one of the ta###.gmt files with the notepad and among those unrecognized characters I can see a link to my picture (12.jpg for example).
    Tried resizing the picture, re-exporting the track...everything! It just won't load!

    I should say, that this error doesn't pop up on every track with a background image blended in, some of my tracks run perfectly well. And if I upload a picture from such a track, my troublesome one works!

    Does anyone know what's causing this problem?
  2. A few people have reported problems with their background images and a common cause was that the image dimensions were not powers of 2.
  3. That's not my case. I used images with various dimensions without any problems in different projects.

    I solved the problem above by simply rebooting the system and uploading background image once again...worked fine this time...
  4. next time it does it. Open ur track folder u made. Then open teh background image and resize it to 512x512. Will fix it right away.