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Back up wheel and button boxes

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by jimortality, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. jimortality


    So having spent more than I can afford in the last month or so and nearly complete with my set up, it got me thinking. What happens now I'm getting big into my sim racing, what happens If my wheel breaks??? how many of you have a back up wheel just in case? I really can't afford to spend anymore but I suppose I'm being quite negative and planning for the worst. also, what's the craic with button boxes? What do they bring to the game that you can't use a keyboard for. Cheers
  2. Brian McManus

    Brian McManus
    Steam: Brian Mac Premium

    What wheel are you using ?
    I have a fanatec csw and fanatec gt2 and a g25 wheels as a backup.
    When i had a problem with the motors in my csw base i maybe used the gt2 wheel for about three hours i didnt use it after that.
    I had my wheel back in a week.

    I wouldnt go spending more money on a back up wheel you might never get to use it
    Its alright if you have a older wheel that you didn't sell yet.
    But that's totality up to you.

    Im making my first button box at the minute ,
    It makes things so much easier,
    I will have 12 push buttons,
    6 encoders,5 switches with leds and missile covers.
    I want to have to control of things ingame and on my rig like fans,buttkicker amps,pc on,and lights.
    I am getting it carbon dipped tomorrpw and then start fitting everything.
    Its a fun project.
    Here it is so far,
  3. jimortality


    Yeah thanks, you're right about the wheel though I will wait. Not sure If a button box is something I need, I was wondering what purpose it serves.
  4. If you haven't felt the need for a buttonbox then I'd say you don't need one ^^
    The reason I "need" one is because it makes it so much easier to make adjustments while driving, things like adjusting chat/voip volume, spotter volume, brake bias, turn on/off wipers/headlights, and more than anything adjust pit strategy when going in, whether or not to swap tyres, which tyres to put on, add fuel or not etc.
    All these things can be done with the buttons on a wheel and a keyboard, but I soon ran out of buttons on the wheel and the advantage a buttonbox has over a keyboard is that the buttons are laid out in a way that you can easily find and hit the right button without having to take your eyes off the road to look.
    I find I use my buttonbox mostly in iRacing, by far.
  5. jimortality


    Just watched a review of the p1 Derek Speare box. Looks quite interesting but my new shifter has arrived today but think a button box would be a useful addition.
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  6. You shopaholic you! What shifter?
  7. jimortality


    RS shifter