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Back to the fold

Discussion in 'Racer' started by aussie muscle, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. after a few years hiatus, i've come back to take a fresh look at racer.nl. first, it's good to see Ruud is still going on his project, i'm amazed he hasn't abandoned it or gone on to something else or been picked up by a games studio.
    when i was here was back when 0.5 was fresh. it's certainly looking better than back then, and i'll be interested to see how different it works.

    i dabbled in car and track making back then, having released a few models and at least one track. (Anarchy Road - for those who remember). i'm doubt if i'll get back into modelling, i gave it away because i was sick of it. i also took some flack for releasing what where considered Need for Speed quality cars, as i was releasing them for that game too (NFS4), wow, shows how long ago it was.

    Hopefully things have changed not just in the sim, but in the community as well.
  2. Racer is used with highend motion platforms, so yes, it did get picked up by someone, kinda.
  3. greetings my old friend...something new is always welcome..i'd be watching for 0.9 thats when things become more set in concrete..but it's worth looking at..
  4. Welcome back A.M. , yes Racer has progressed heaps even since I redid your Maloo, and yet it is still the same old Racer deep down. Challenging, rewarding, frustrating.
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yes, it's like old Racer on steriods. 1 step forward, 3 steps back I believe is the saying :)

    Still, the graphics look pretty amazing with the right content and I look forward to the physics catching up.
  6. First of all, welcome back. :)
    As you will see the graphics on Racer have come a long way, the physics have had some improvements as well but will be focused on after the next stable release. We have a lot of new options to expand Racers abilities such as Rexx/Scripting/skinned models/particles and more, so Racer is a lot more entertaining for me than it has been in some time.

    Unfortunately there are still people here that think criticism is somehow the same as actually releasing something. They don't really do anything, but they feel that as self appointed experts on everything they need to point out the error of your ways. Since they have no real talent of their own they feel obliged to nit-pick your release to death since it is not NEAR as good as the car they will someday release in the future...not. LOL
    I only say this because I've seen it become a real deterrent to those wanting to release something. The worst part is they always say the same thing "I'm helping", it's sort of like the old practice of "blood letting".

    Alex Forbin
  7. your right, but this happens in alot of communities,it can be the killer of alot of good mods as ausmus is well aware of, knowing kev like i do..(for more than 10 years, both on here and in person) that if he comes back, to modeling again he will do his utmost to bring something of worth..
  8. A.M.'s an aussie, he's tough enough to take it; & if he's a queenslander, you can even knock him over and he'll get back up! They breed 'em tough up North (I think it's something in the water actually)
  9. nah mate, he's a nsw bloke, and your right he's an aussie, we're tough as old nails here lol
  10. You don't need to tell me, I'm from Sydney. I've never understood that saying, old nails are usually bent, rusty and give you tetnus. I'm none of those.
  11. lol it's a figure of speech, did you watch the first race of v8sc 2011, i'm watching now..looooooove v8s