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Back to racing sims

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Robes, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, I just bought myself a Logitech Driving Force Gt wheel to get back into racing sims. I haven't really touched anything on PC since GPL, Live for Speed (in it's very early incarnation) and GP4.

    I've had a look through steam and there is a dazzling array and it's quite difficult to work out what's newest, what's just an expansion, whether I need the original game etc.

    So, I'm just going to pick up one game, any ideas what I should be going for? I've looked at Race On, Race 07, STCC, GTR Evolution - the list is nearly endless! Some help would be great!
  2. Hi :welcome:

    Out of those, Race On is the way to go. It contains Race 07, and STCC.
  3. Well, for one you can look in the competitions forum. You could try some of them and possibly win some sim games. However, there are many games as you said. If you want to buy from steam, then there is a race on pack, which includes race 07, race on. and stcc. GTR Evolution is an expansion of race on. That pack runs you about $30-40, through steam only. Another game that a lot of people are into is rFactor (not on steam,) which has tons of mods for it and a large following, however I don't know if I'd recommend it now as rFactor 2 is supposed to be coming out in the coming months. A game that is a tad different would be F1 2010 (on steam,) which many people are playing, however it's strictly F1. Another game out there is iRacing (not on steam,) which is subscription based, so that may not be of much interest to you now. There's a large following of Richard Burns Rally (RBR) which runs for about $9 or less, but it is solely rally.

    I'm sure others will chime in, as I am still new to the sim racing world. You could also browse the forum sections, since there is a list of games that people play, each given their own sub-forum.

    [edit] I was beaten to the punch, I too would go with Race On...
  4. iRacing does look great but I don't think I'm willing to spend that much money, maybe when I'm rich! I think I'll pick up the Race On pack from steam, thanks guys. Any other suggestions for decent sim games?
  5. I currently play 3 games on Race Department:

    GT Legends - a bit old, very cheap, heaps of fun :)
    netKar Pro - brilliant, open wheelers, not that many people unfortunately
    Richard Burns Rally - also a bit old, but it's a must if you're a rally fan
  6. GT Legends looks fantastic, a shame it isn't on Steam, my lazyness prevents me from using DVD's these days! Netkar pro looks great too although the thought of racing online before racing AI makes me a little wary...

    I tried the demo of NFS shift on Xbox and thought the handling was terrible but I notice that the game seems to have mods on the PC, have these actually made the handling good or is this game still not fantastic with mods?
  7. its different kind of racing, much more designed for feelings from high speed, crashing etc and mods make it much more attractive, even some real grip mods can be found but its not THAT fun which can be felt with online sim racing games :)
  8. Well I've bought the Race On bundle from steam, hopefully my steering wheel will arrive tomorrow but as there is a foot of snow outside my house I'm not sure DHL will manage! Thanks people, any more suggestions would be great too.
  9. Bah, the snow has thwarted the delivery of my wheel, I was looking forward to a weekend of driving!
  10. I've been playing F1 2010....It's kinda of addictive. I have a lot of fun with NFS Shift too. And if you like to play in the dirt....Dirt2