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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Richard Ryan, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Is it possible to speed up the time when managing your driver in b spec mode?
  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    Premium Member

    Nope, unless there's a hidden control I'm missing.
  3. ok thanks. :(
  4. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Is anybody actually playing this b-spec mode? I don't get it why this is in the game :)
  5. I am at a point now where I need millions of pounds more for the Extreme cars so I just put my B-spec guy on a race while im on PC or doing other things.
  6. Indeed Daniel Just for getting some extra cash and cars
  7. I do it while doing other things, just let bob drive away, though sometimes he needs attention, especially when he isnt in a massively overpowered car for the job. I had him race the GT world championship (in pro series) in a Cheverolet Impala Stock car, which went surprisingly well, sadly he lost at Lemans at the last corner, which really decided the championship as he came 2nd, getting him to 2nd took a lot of attention. Second time i did it with the Mazda Furai concept car and he won without an issue, i didnt even pay attention, which is the case for most of the races.

    Its pretty cool so long as you dont need to devote attention to it all the time, and its an easy way to make money while your busy with other things.
  8. Best driver forthe B-Spec or stick to A spec events.
  9. how do you do B-spec races from your pc. if you can ill just do it while im working lol.
  10. See if that helps...
  11. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    Premium Member

    You don't, because the feature isn't active yet. 'Sometime' in December is the last I heard.
  12. I'm level 25 at b-spec - because i've been working at home all week, so i've just let it do its thing in the background.... I do agree its pointless though. You do get some great prize cars, that are very useful in a-spec.
  13. I read somewhere that they'll be using B-Spec for the Signature Ed. Merc comp?
    Is that true?
    If so it's gonna be a very strange comp....