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Seasons Ayrton Senna 1986 Team Lotus Mod 1.1

Ayrton Senna 1986 Team Lotus

  1. mmpaw37 submitted a new resource:

    AYRTON SENNA 1986 TEAM LOTUS MOD By MMPAW37. - Ayrton Senna 1986 Team Lotus

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    Last edited: Oct 9, 2013
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  2. Thanks.

    Btw if you change the audio_key_driver_number here to 23, the game will also use the name "SENNA" when speaking on the radio. (It will use the old voice name from Bruno Senna), and will make this mod even more perfecto. Cheers!

  3. WOW!, thanks, didn't know about that one my friend!

    Will update the resource when I modify the database.

    Thnaks mate!
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  4. Amazing!!!!
  5. ¿You could make a version?, replacing Mario Andretti by Emerson Fittipaldi ...... Ayrton Senna & Emerson Fittipaldi[​IMG]
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  6. YES! Works! This is awesome, I'm very happy. Thumbs up!
  7. Fantastic! I think I was even driving better as Senna. :p Although, I must admit this Lotus is not one of my favourite classic cars in this game
  8. Bellisimo ! Muchos Gracias Amigo :D
  9. Thanks for all your kind words...Most appreciated!

    Would be better if we had a McLaren to mod but still, I am very happy with this!

  10. Mmmm.....

    Seems we have the same experience!...Driving like a champion with my Senna mod!
  11. Thank you for the this awesome mod! The first time the Classic content was announced, I hoped that someone like you would mod the game, to include Senna! Hope to see more of your mods.
  12. Fantastic job really nice mod :)
  13. Could you also put Senna to Lotus 100T with Häkkinen? Would love to have Senna and HÄkkinen in the same team.. :p
  14. Maybe...I am in the process of finalising an updated (FINAL) version of my Ayrton Senna 85-86 mod, it should all being well be ready today.

    As I said, I have other priorities on at the moment and have to find time. When I get the chance (Like now), i sneek a peek on here to give updates etc while i'm at work...Hope the boss doesn't find out!
  15. Yea, it would be better with Senna and Fittipaldi. Also in that video, does it say Senna on one side and Andretti on the other?
  16. Would it be possible to modify the livery to include the John Players logo and name. This would make it really the ultimate Ayrton Senna Mod.