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Tracks Automobilista Track Megapack (24 Tracks) 1.2

24 Automobilista Mod Tracks

  1. acrox999


    This is truly amazing. I had almost everything by you before I went away from home for months. Getting everything updated again was a pain, so I made a fresh install of the game instead.

    This is truly helpful, but may I suggest, if we have enough people downloading this pack, why not make a torrent instead of having to download packs or maybe a whole new pack again one day? Might be easier to keep stuff updated since if there's an update we can just load the new torrent file (or the Magnet Link) and update/downloaded only the needed files.

    Again, it's just a thought. I love all the work being put into this pack and of course, the tracks individually. Keep up the great work and thank you very much!
  2. bsmooth


    I don't use all the tracks and have been unzipping one track at a time. If I'm going to update each track manually one at a time, what exactly should it be done ?
    Plus it will probably have to be updated twice since I think theres two updates correct ?
  3. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    Hey guys I have all of these tracks in my league simsync if anyone would like to try that option. Just a couple clicks and it will install them all at once! I am not allowed to share the option here as RD will delete it but I can send it to anyone individually. I synced them all in an effort to simply help people install the whole track pack much easier. ;)
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