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Automatic Steering Rotation AMS modding

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Sam Smith, May 18, 2017.

  1. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    Now for the next feature.
    Automatic Steering rotation.
    I add the following under the [CONTROLS] section of the HDV file.

    SteerLockUserSetting = 4
    SteeringRotation = (360, 10.0, 10)
    SteeringRotationSetting = 0

    The following is taken from Renato when this was added to the game...
    SteerLockUserSetting=4 // Default steering lock setting (applied when CUSTOM USER ROTATION is set to YES);

    SteeringRotation=(360, 10.0, 10) // Rotation settings (when CUSTOM USER ROTATION is set to NO) in degrees - minimum rotation, increment per setting, number of settings - so in this case minimum rotation is 360º, each increment adds 10º, and there are 10 settings (ranges from 360 to 450º)

    SteeringRotationSetting=0 // Default setting for the car (0 means default is 360º)

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