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Automated stuff you could do with voice commands ??

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Onno Naber, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Sorry for the vague title,but during the last race I overheard a conversation about automated stuff you could do with voice
    commands ?,now I know there is a program could glove-pie,do you mean this program?,or is there something out there that I don't
    know yet?,and is it working for you??

  2. Onno -
    It was I who mentioned the voice commands. Glove-PIE is the program that I'm using. I've been using it for only a couple of days, but it works pretty well so far. I posted my version of the script in the iRacing downloads section here. Training windows 7 for my voice took about half an hour. One thing I did learn is that you have to turn Windows built in speech recognition off before you run the game, otherwise Windows will try to interpret everything you say as a command - which is fine if you say "press F1" but not so good if you say "oh cr*p" and it thinks you said "alt-tab".
    Using the script in Glove-PIE allows it to interpret only defined commands and requires a button press for it to 'listen'. So if I say "Show Fuel", it presses F4 for me. I can then say "no fuel" to zero it out, "Splash of Fuel" zeroes it and adds 1 increment, "Full Tank" will fill it etc. Same with tires - "Show Tires" followed by "left sides" will un-check the right side tires. You could also do them one at a time by saying say "uncheck" followed by "down" to move to the next tire or "right" (or "increase") to add pressure. "Show Relative" returns the F3 display.
    One thing I did not do was put the printed list of commands with the script, I'll fix that this evening.
    If you have a non-English version of Windows, you may have some issues - at least that's what I gather from the iRacing forum thread - you'll want to read up there if you you do. There is an additional Microsoft module that may need installed if you are running XP.
    I may end up tweaking the script further. I'll probably remove anything I have already assigned buttons to (weight jacker adjustments) and leave only the pit-stop, admin and chat related commands. (full disclosure: I still haven't tested the admin commands, nor the wedge adjustments for ovals).
  3. Thanks very much for your response Amjed,Eric :good: have to do some more reading on the subject and download some more stuff to get it all running (my windows is Dutch,so I will have to download a english language pack :confused:)
    anyway will give it a try as soon as I get home

  4. You may be able to change the trigger phrases in the script to Dutch?? Not sure how that would work - one way or the other I suppose.
  5. Thanks Eric,have to change some stuff on my PC but it looks promising :)
  6. That sounds really cool, especially for me as while I love my G25, the lack of wheel-mounted buttons often irks me. I'd use the buttons on the shifter, but it's usually sitting in it's resting spot as it's attachment ability to my desk is chancy at best (paddles only, for me).

    The pit stuff especially sounds handy. I remember a really stressful pit for a dab of fuel in week 13 that've have made a lot less 'oh crap'.

    Will it work with Windows XP? I'm one of those 'will convert only when forced' types.
  7. Yes I think it will work from XP up to Windows7,I like it!!you can do lots off stuff without taking your hands off the wheel,ore your eyes off the road
    give it a try Larry if you don't like it you can always turn your P.C back (make a backup!!)
  8. It will work in XP, though you may need an additional plugin from Microsoft to get the speech recognition in windows working.
  9. I spent last evening getting this setup, and after a few hours of tweaking, got it working. It is pretty cool. Once I get used to it, pits stops will go much smoother. And the immersion is increased. Instead of hunting and pecking on the keyboard, it is more like talking to your crew chief, although the replies are from a bland, emotionless female.
  10. What's the resource hit. How does it deal with low volume speech. As you all know, I race late at night and don't want to wak th rest of the house.
  11. Not sure on resources - not noticeable on an i7-950/6GB machine.

    The only issues I've had with recognition are due to the fact that you tend to train under a normal voice, and be a little more excited when racing... I'll occasionally have to slow down and enunciate, but then it works fine. Low volume you may be able to compensate for with gain/input adjustments on the mic, if needed.
  12. Eric,

    Cheers dude, looks an interesting application and now that I have a headset with mic attached (G930) I may look in to this.

    One question.... does the command 'Engage Nitrous' work?

  13. Not for me :frown:. ... but "Reset Car" does
  14. Whoa! Got it to work finally lol. How cool is that!!!! :D

    This'll make pitstops much easier for sure. Thanks for posting all the info Eric.
  15. I'm still having problems getting it to respond while racing. In the pits it works fine, but once on track it refuses to respond. Something to do with the female voice response? lol
  16. Glenn,

    Maybe you need the GlovePie app to get in touch with your feminine side, lol.

  17. I find I have to consciously use a 'normal voice' when giving commands while driving. I'd say I have to try about 20% of commands twice, but some commands always work (such as 'show relative').

    Will be revisiting the script this week to put in some more 'home' commands to make it more predictable.