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Autoclutch on or off?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Grégory Cogotti, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. I wonder if it is necessary to play with autoclutch on in sequential mod? Is it nefast for the gearbox? How is it in reality?
  2. in rl you dont need the clutch for shifting with a sequential gearbox not for up shifting and not for down shifting only for the start you need
    the engine management will cut the engine for a milli sec while shifting
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I use the autoclutch almost on every car except the Mini Cooper S. But if you trailbrake a little during downshifting in for instance the beemer, you slow down much more then with the clutch off i think. Wasnt it Greger Huttu that did that during his first rounds of our league?

    In real WTCC they only use the clutch during the start. The only one i believe that uses the clutch during real racing is Jorg Müller (freaking heal and too action :D).


    Whaha and here is a wannabee that thinks he can do the technique lol (special attention for the shoes, this one must be from outta space)

    This is a nice example of what i wrote, the driver doesnt use the clutch at all gearchances:
  4. Ok, but in the game if you set the autoclutch at off, you can change gear without problem ( it seem that is faster). The only difference is when you stop the car, if you don't push the clutch pedal, the engine stop. That i want to know is if in real wtcc, the car do the same thing? (i wonder if i'm clear, lol). My purpose being to approach me in closer of the reality.
  5. I have autoclutch off as you do not need it for the changes, you only need it when pulling away :)

    It also can really help with starts, as you fully control the clutch instead of the computer having some input if it thinks the car may stall.
  6. if you stop a real wttc car without hitting the clutch it will stall like the ingame one
    and only racing gearboxes work complete without clutch while shifting cuz the gear wheels
    are degree-interlocked what makes the weels more stable as normal ones used for production gearboxes
    if you have a sequential gearbox like the ones used in a motorbike you will
    have to use the clutch atleast while downshifting
  7. Its a question of realism

    without AC is simulation
    with AC is arcade

    Its very sad to see, there is an option for driving aids in a professional mode.

    I think for driving aids is semi-pro and novice the right place.

    Regards Peter
  8. Peter, that seems to be a bit of a ignorant post - what happens if you don't have a clutch pedal, its quite hard to try and use a button for the clutch. Not everyone can afford pedals with a clutch, so by removing the auto clutch, you would probably remove half of the people who would buy the game.
  9. Ok, thanks, i'll go to turn off this option, you cleared up my doubts.
  10. James, when you driving a fwd, so you only need the clutch for the start. On an fwd-car you not feel a difference between with or without AC. But when you drive with a rwd-car, you feel a big difference between with AC or without. For the rwd the ac is like a stabilize aid when shifting down on higher rpm. Thats what i ment with arcade. The BMW has a H-shifting, so you must use the clutch for shifting down, otherwise is possible you lose the rear.

    Driving with this aid is not fair for the fwd drivers. So i think, when i like to drive a simulation in professional mode, than i need a third pedal for the clutch, or i´m switching to the fwd-cars.

    sorry for bad english

    Regards Peter
  11. Thing is, i drive without using the clutch and with auto clutch off in the BMW, and i don't have any problems. That said, with it on or off the only real advantage you may gain could be off the line, but other than that i would say its more personal preference and also if you have a clutch pedal or not.
  12. i can only agree on you james
    till the end of last year i used a Microsoft ffb weel that has only 2 pedals and i was realy happy to have that function
  13. Normally I race with AC off. I only use AC in rFactor's MMG F1 mod - as I am not quick enough to avoid the stall if I spin. In any other mod I wouldn't care but in the F1 mod a stall is the end of your race [no starter motor :D].

    I even found that it helped in GTL to run with AC off. It made me driver properly, watching my braking and lines so I could clutch, de-clutch and shift on acceloration and braking.

    On off should be personal preference. I think it is the only option that should be available in Pro modes - as I only got a clutch pedal when I bought my G25 and not everyone has that cash to throw into a wheel.

    I don't think this presents an advantage to RWD over FWD - as RWD has an inherent advantage at certain tracks anyway and vice-versa with FWD.

    Just my two pennies. :thumb: