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Auto-Lift/Blip & Windscreens

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by DavidMk7, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. DavidMk7


    I read in one of the threads that there’s a plan to add control to some of the ini functions, such as auto-blip and auto-lift, to the UI in one of the future updates. I thought, therefore, that now might be a good time to make a further plea for a change to be made to these functions.

    As I’ve stated in previous threads, I have problems with my legs that are compounded greatly by lifting and blipping during shifts. In fact, just normal throttle and brake work causes me discomfort and I have to limit my sim driving because of this. A couple of years ago things reached a point where I had to stop all throttle work during shifts and now use auto-lift/blip when possible, or turn off mechanical failures and speed-shift (for example, I can play GPL in ‘Novice’ mode only and still blow the occasional engine). This, as you can imagine, looks, sounds and feels horrible, isn’t realistic and doesn’t help my driving. I have to employ the speed-shift method with a number of GSC cars, which means that I’m constantly fighting the back end, something that is relatively easy with some (the Mini), but a real pain in the butt with others (such as the Camaro, which I don’t really drive as a result).

    I had previously asked for some limited access to the hdv file, so that I could enable auto-lift and blip on all cars, but I presume this is not going to happen. However, another solution would be to change the auto functions themselves from simple on/off switches to something more useful (for me at least). I propose that these functions should have 3 settings; ‘On’, ‘Off’ and ‘Realistic’. ‘On’ would be on at all times for all cars, ‘Off’ would be off at all times and ‘Realistic’ would be on when appropriate for the car and off otherwise (i.e. it would follow the hdv setting).

    Now I don’t race on line, but I presume that the server can restrict the aids, or level of those aids, available to the participants, so it shouldn’t upset the balance in on-line races. If not, a performance penalty could always be imposed on players using ‘inappropriate’ aids.

    Incidentally, I would have thought treating ABS and traction control in the same way might prove useful to some players.

    To be honest, I consider aids such as auto-lift and auto-blip to be ‘game’ functions (like auto-shifting), it just so happens that real cars can have them too. I think it should be the players choice whether or not to use them, and when to use them, not the developers, or the mod makers. If I want to drive a car in an ‘unrealistic’ way, then surely that’s my choice and nobody else’s business, other than when I’m racing on-line against others (which I don’t).

    I also have some sight problems and find that virtual windscreens cause my eyes to become tired quickly (I always delete them when I can in other games), which can also limit the time I can spend gaming. I would, therefore, like a ‘no visible windscreens’ option to be added. I appreciate that mod makers would probably ignore this, but at least I would be able to drive the Reiza cars in more comfort.

    And before anyone says it, yes, of course I appreciate that these are just personal issues and no, I don’t expect my request to be implemented. But I also don’t see the harm in asking anyway. I’m driving GSC more and more these days, it’s definitely my favourite sim at the moment (though there is much to like about Assetto Corsa – updating to V1 as I post!), and I’m just looking to be able to enjoy the game to its fullest and in the most realistic manner that I can manage.
  2. ouvert


    can`t help you with the throttle issue but you can make absolutely clear windscreens by editing windshield dds file and making alpha channel absolutely black ... that way from outside it still have the liveries (Name and No.) but from inside it is clear ..
  3. +1 this will require a little bit of modding knowledge. if u cant figure it out just reply which cars windshields bother u and i see what i can do
  4. DavidMk7


    Thanks for the replies guys, and for the kind offer roby, it really is appreciated.

    I thought I’d have a go at this myself, but either I’m editing the wrong file, Paint.net doesn’t have the right feature support or I’m looking in the wrong place (or a combination of the 3). The only windscreen dds files I could find are in the team folders. So I loaded one up, but couldn’t find any reference to an alpha channel within Paint.net. The only action I could take was to increase the transparency of the only layer shown and this had the effect of removing the text from the windscreen. This is not a bad thing in itself, as I would certainly like to de-clutter the windscreen, but wasn’t exactly what I was after.

    What this did show me though, is the actual glass effect of the windscreens in GSC is nowhere near as bad as I had thought. In fact it’s almost unnoticeable and I think the major cause of the dark effect of the cockpit view is being caused by the cockpit interior itself, which is why it is much greater in the V8s. Removing the text from the V8 still leave some quarter circle marks on the windscreen and this leaves me to believe that there’s another windscreen file somewhere, possibly a ‘master’ file used by all the cars and hidden in the mas file and this is the one I should be editing. Am I write about this and, if so, how do I get at it?

    I don’t know whether anyone else has this problem, but I get quite a lot of graphics corruption through windscreens in all my ISI based games. This is in the form of thin white lines on trees, billboards, stands and other object and is only visible when moving (you can’t screenshot it). One of the reasons for wanting to remove the windscreens was to prevent this (you don’t see it in open top cars) and I was wondering whether the alpha channel method you describe would affect this or not.

    One further thing, is it possible to remove the Mini’s banner as well?
  5. William Wester

    William Wester

    Not trying to be an a**, but why not drive from the hood/bonnet view, this would provide an unobstructed view. I myself prefer open cockpit cars for the very reason of a view without obstructions. When it comes to closed cockpit cars some I like some I don't mostly based on the amount of obstructions and FOV. These are the primary reasons I run triple screens, as without the additional FOV I feel more claustrophobic in a virtual cockpit.
    With that said, a good racing sim aims to "simulate" IRL car/track elements but provide "view options". If it is somewhat harder to see out the windscreen of a race car then it should be hard to see out the windscreen of the virtual race car. It is one reason some MP events will restrict to a particular view as the same hindrances should be applied across the board.
    Some cars I switch to hood/bonnet view when racing offline.
  6. from your description you probably edited the banner visible from cockpit view. banners dont need alpha channel. but if u like the result of a transparent banner its ok. dont remember the (from inside the cockpit) windshield texture file name off hand, but i guess u should look at the respective mas files for a .dds file named like "windshield.dds" or "windows_cockpit.dds" or similar
  7. Paint.net i dont believe supports alpha channels, better off trying with GIMP.
  8. DavidMk7


    No, it’s a perfectly reasonable suggestion William and one that, I hope, has a perfectly reasonable answer. Which is, simply, that I don’t like it. I’ve tried ‘bonnet’ style views a number of times over the years, most recently with rF2’s Clio, whose windscreen does my head in, and I can’t get away with it. It just feels ‘wrong’. I like cockpit view, it feels right to me. You see, in my heart and head I’m a hardcore sim racer, it’s just that my body won’t let me.

    Downloading GIMP as a write, but aren’t the .mas files encrypted and, if not, how do I open them (no useful results from Google)?
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  9. The files arnt packed in a .mas file you just have to open the windsheild .dds and make the alpha layer completely black.
  10. Good for you. I can never understand why so called race simmers wish to use any other view than a cockpit. I suppose it makes it easier for them.

    Good luck with your quest. :thumbsup: