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Austin track. what do ya think?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Bobby Englehart, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. holy crap i love this track. what do you guys think? lots of blind apexes, quick changes of direction, a few long straights. some compromising turns to make the preceding turn faster. multiple apex turns. good elevation changes.
  2. I like it too. I didn't think I would when I watched the videos. But instead it's interesting and challenging.
    There are only a couple of places where I would have preferred it if it were a bit more "flowing" instead of hainv those hard hairpins (I haven't memorized the turn numbers and the game is off and I am lazy, basically).

    But overall I enjoyed it and I am slowly getting better as I learn better lines.

    The AI on the other hand, seem to ahve some serious issues with the final hairpin at teh end of the back straight. They pass me and gain almost a second on me, then I can easily pass them on the inside every single time and gain back the position. Once I did it to 3 cars. No human driver would fall for that trick every time. They should have a few more ways to approach and defend that corner or it's too easy.
  3. It's like a mix of Turkey and Hockenheim and some other places. I love it myself. Can't wait to learn it a bit better.

    It's a true F1 track, wild and untamed, with elevation changes and fast flowing turns. But what I can't figure out is why it's in Texas, heh. But it looks nice, I kinda like the setting actually.
  4. I love it. Elevation change, triple apex'er what's not to like.
  5. Also with a little bit of Suzuka with those S turns. I love this track and can't wait for the actual F1 race there.
  6. Absolutely love it (thank god). New tracks always worry me but this is a very fun circuit. I love the elevation changes and strange apexes.

    Plan to post a 1-lapper there with commentary later today.
  7. I'm glad someone made this thread because I love it too! Turn 1 is so sweet and the long right hander at full power is fun too.
  8. The surface seems legit, it won't be any different next year, track-wise. They will just add the details (buildings, textures, curbs etc) All in all I really like the track!