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Cars Austin Mini Cooper RallyCross 1980 1.4

Historic Mini Cooper RX Cup Car

  1. gilles13 submitted a new resource:

    Austin Mini Cooper RallyCross 1980 - Historic Mini Cooper RX Cup Car

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  2. Thank you Gilles13! :)

    Btw, first time installing a car for me in AMS. Where do i put the "reiza47.srs" and "reiza47.tga"? I added the vehicle and sound folders where i think they should be: "GameData/Vehicles" & "GameData/Sounds".

    Thank you.

    EDIT: I shall test to put them in "AMS/Series" and see what happens.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2016
  3. Thanks buddy.
    Welcome to the modding community.

    The reiza47.srs & TGA files go into Automobilista/Series.
    Make sure to add the RealFeel Value to. Otherwise your FFB will be Poor in the mini.

    If you notice anything weird. Or you want me to change something than don't hesitate to give me a shout.
    Don't forget the Junior Version and the crazy Senior version will be added shortly.
  4. Do you have sound @Alex72 ?
  5. no sound here
  6. Stupid me i've spotted the problem..
    Fix incoming along with a little suprise
  7. Ok so i dropped all folders into the sound folder. Many many files + folders now in the "Sound" folders.

    But i cant test until i do the "ReelFeel" thing. Its the first time i add a car in AMS so i have no idea where to do the ReelFeel values? Im sure many more new to AMS have no idea where to do this. Would be nice with info on the first page where to fix this. Thank you. :)
  8. Automobilista/RealFeelPlugin

    Schermafbeelding (126).png
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  9. Looks rushed, guess ill wait for V5 for a finished mod. has good pomises but so many incomplete conversions apperaring might just damage AMS for future users
  10. Why is it rushed? Only because I don't know how to add the ams features?? I am a physics guy not a modeler. Did you even try the mod?
  11. Hey nice mod, but could you upload the sound to a nother source like xtreamfactor or mediafire etc. where you don't need an account. Thanks man for the work. :cautious:
  12. Hmm ok.. I hope the update works this time.
  13. I'm about to install the whole Historx v1.97 mod on Automobilista.
    It's normally for GSCE so I'm not sure it'll even work.
    I notice that it uses the same files of your mod...
    Should I erase it?
    I'm not sure what to do about this...
    I wish you guys worked together to create a new Historx mod for AMS, WITH rally versions of some cars, like you did.:)
  14. When you install the SCE mod form HistorX (and you keep the TC-65 folder) mod the 'Rallycross' Cars will be erased..
    Your call.

    And for the second thing about working with them..

    I would suggest taking a look at the WIP thread ;)