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Augmented reality simulation in Racer?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by FreakyT, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. I'm working to prototype an AR interface for a HUD. Does anyone know offhand if this could be done within Racer?

  2. Couldn't find info, just curious, what's an AR interface ?

    HUD are great, make sure you've checked the racer.nl docs, you can create 2D / 3D & finally for TC (track cams)...
    Ruud/Mitch will probably add more, since they want to introduce turbo & stuff like that...
  3. It's short for "Augmented Reality" it's basically CG generated info of some kind overlayed on a see through screen so that it appears to be attached to the real world as you move through it.

    To answer your question. Ruud has said that he was going to implement TrackIR head tracking, but has apparently changed his mind, since it is no longer an optional controller. :(
    I believe that Rigs-of-Rods does have head tracking though.

    Alex Forbin
  4. Thanks Alex !

    Wow RoR looks great, that kind of stuff I was looking after + community seems a lot bigger, there are surely some reasons for it !
    Completely amazing....lol...softbodies, forces, driven keys & all the stuff I was dreaming of !
    Oh man, why didn't I found it earlier....
  5. RoR is dope, if Ruud & Mitch somehow integrates what RoR does, then forget about it, that would beat anything out there, I admit Racer got better shadows, better graphics, real cool car physics too & natively supports surround gaming which isn't the case of RoR, still I've made it work with SoftTH 1.09 RC1, hahaha ~ 80 FPS on 3 screens...

    Looks like they have the same problems with shadows algorithms...as we have with older stencil shadows in Racer...

    + really important, no-one actually speaking, had managed the problem of meshes inter-penetration with soft bodies, which is really ugly....sry guys...maybe in 5 years :D too bad, they really need to fix the solvers...

    +1 FreakyT

    Addicted to real physics !
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I've download it numerous times, played it for a while, got annoyed at the bugs or got bored, and then.. of course, returned to Racer :)
  7. You're right, Racer is really cool & I'm proud of all of you, everyone is doing a great job here ! :wink:
    Too impatient to see what the future will be...
  8. i play rigs of rods and my favorite thing is the soft body, right now i drive the Gavril GR
  9. The damage modeling on the '49 Ford is amazing. I wish Racer could do that, it would be fantastic.

    Alex Forbin
  10. Surely not something that we would be implementing ourselves in the near future .. But newton, the physics engine we use, is working on destructable bodies (Julio has a working proof of concept) and soft bodies are also on the list ..

    So things could get exciting !
  11. Yes, I've been following the threads on Newtons soft body development. I'm glad to see you are too. :)

    Alex Forbin
  12. Glad to hear !

    I'll follow silently the interesting discussions on newton dynamics forum, really cool stuff happening these days !
  13. Wow just imagine driving around carlswood crashing into the metal barriers