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Mods audi quattro sport new motor sound 2015-12-20

audi quattro sport motor

  1. ytrezzzz submitted a new resource:

    audi quattro sport new motor sound - audi quattro sport motor

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  2. For some reason I can't respond directly to your comment.

    I meant the S4 and the 037 neither of them sound close, but I have no idea how to get the sound of the Volumex Superchargers or the sneeze that was famous with the S4
  3. great sound!is it possible to replace the full sound of the audi s1 pp with the turbo blows into this mod?
  4. Hey, wich program use you to open .bnk files with audio?
  5. xXAiykoXx


    Doesn't work with online Game :/
  6. no it doesnt sorry pal
  7. CM were a little lazy in getting their sounds , No1 escuse being hard to find real cars to source sounds from . I know for fact that both a 0.37 & S4 works cars are in private ownership within the UK.

    With many more in Europe.