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Sell [AU] Thrustmaster T500RS + Other Peripherials

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by SK, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. SK

    Prince with a thousand enemies. Premium Member



    Hi guys,

    Selling my wheel kit since I'm moving overseas in a few weeks and will not be taking it with me. Here is the list of available hardware which I will be selling together (no separate deal)

    - DSD Button Panel
    - T500RS + Stock wheel
    - T3PA-Pro Pedals
    - TH8A Shifter
    - Ferrari 150 Italia Wheel

    $750 AUD Neg.

    Images of the kit setup at the moment in my rig.

    Only a couple of minor defects. I have NO DESK MOUNT for the T500. The last owner of mine seemed to have misplaced it. So you're only option will be a fixed installation (bolted). Other minor issues are...
    - 150 Italias Neutral button is a little bit iffy, but not that noticeable.
    - Wear on the T500 static paddles.
    - RJ12 cable from pedals to wheel has lost the clippy bit, but remains perfectly connected unless you yank it. Never been a problem.

    I'll also chuck in a heap of USB extension cables if you need them.

    Postage options are available. Will provide quote on case by case basis.

    Also note... this kit will not be available until 27th September.
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  2. Will u ship internationally
  3. SK

    Prince with a thousand enemies. Premium Member

    I can.. but you could expect a pretty hefty postage charge. If you PM me your details I can obtain a quote for you.
  4. SK

    Prince with a thousand enemies. Premium Member

    Making some changes to this deal. Going to make a new thread.