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Attempting my first Conversion

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. hello peoples im attempting my first conversion to a full extent and im going to be converting the standard cars you get in GTA san andreas and i was curious who has any suggestions for me or can provide wisdom
  2. mmm that'll be cool
  3. The standards cars are good for you to learn, but they are preety useless otherwise! Very low poly and don't even have an interior.

    You have my tutorial somewhere here in the forum, have fun!
  4. well i figure they are good starting points for me to make my own custom content ican get some people i know to do the modeling for me and i can do the rest ive already did some basic ini work on some of the cars like that H1 hummer i tend to take the softest suspension settings i can find from an ini and put em and tuen em to make em work for the vehicle for instance i take the suspension setting from the plymouth fury you did and i paste and tune them for another car which in this case was that old lincoln Now it drives as it should and ive used some up dated sounds and stuff so it drives fairly nice im even thinking of adding some custom graphics to it and maybe nicer set of gauges ive just used the regular set plus a recolord tach from some other old ford and got something very nice that works