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ATi 5**** Benchmark / Review thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Damian Henderson, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. If you brought a 4890 imo good buy, but as expected the 5870 is a great card, but the GTX295 is still the daddy and it's older generation, when Nvidia bring out the GT300's it's going to hurt ATi again unfortunately as people where expecting the 5870 to beat the GTX295. You can pick it up around £300 for the 5870 and 5850 around £200. They should bring the prices down on all the other cards like the 4890, GTX275 & GTX285, which is good for us.
  2. But the GTX295 has 2 GPUs and the the 5870 only one.... you would need to compare the GTX295 to the 5870x2, isnt it? (which is not available true, with regards to that, it is still the daddy :) )
  3. Well that is kind of true,but it's really the 4870x2 vs GTX295 and we know who wins that one.

    ATi is one generation ahead now and has the fastest single GPU for a couple of months, which is the first time for them for like 4 years. We will have to wait for the GT300 to come before making a fair compare between say a 5870 x2 vs GT300 x2 or something, Nvidia are just a bit behind for a change this time and ATi / AMD can make some dollar from that.
  4. you mean for once in my life i made a correct chouise :dance2:
  5. So, a Sapphire 4890 2GB would be a good choice to buy now?
  6. Or a 5850 when it comes.

    But ye 4890 is still a great buy.
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  8. BUT ... is Nvidia gonna go with Eyefinity kinda technology in their next release of 300 cards?
    (serious question actually as I haven't done any research on this at all)

    And what about cost ... bang for buck?
    The current 295 are nearly 50% more expensive than a 5870 aren't they?

    ... Matrox killer if ever I saw one though ... need for tH2go will be gone, as will the 200-300 quid price tag (or whatever they are these days) ... easily enough pennies saved to buy a decently priced new monitor eh?
  9. We will have to see on the price, but it will be a new technology and offer allot more so maybe be a bit more expensive.

    GTX295 is about £350, 5870 around £302.
  10. I am indeed a nvidia fan, always have been tbh ... but lately they have failed me and I am wondering if they can really offer something to compete with 300 quid or just under once prices settle a little ...
    somehow I doubt it ... and 100 nicker is a lot of extra notes to be paying when it could be going towards a better case (Silverstone F01-BW yum) watercooling kit or better lump of ram, is it not?

    I might be palming my old pc off on to my wife and building a new one soon ... just seen [ame="http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showpost.php?p=14235166&postcount=383"]this[/ame] (couple more shots [ame="http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showpost.php?p=14235240&postcount=2424"]here[/ame]) and its one of the tidyest looking builds I have seen ... Silverstone fortress case looks like such a beauty, I hate cables and my current case sucks for cable management.
    Anyways ... I am seriously considering nicking my wife's 22" monitor to go triple view with my 2x current 22" monitors, then buying her a 24" monitor to make up for it :D

    Ohhh dreaming again I guess ... but maybe just maybe I can swing it if the tax man is nice to us :p
  11. Am still on a 9600GT here Lee :damnit:
  12. ... its your own fault, you brought the subject up :D :embarrassed: