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At last stopped the stuttering !

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Andy Bolt, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. I have tried all the ideas to stop the gradually worsening stuttering in the game while racing ( usually after 8 or 10 laps or so ) . I have run a few races now with a memory program running which stops memory getting used up ( i have 4 gigs as it is ! ) Its by a company called IOBIT and is called Advanced Systemcare and in it is a program called SmartRam and by god it works , it just runs lovely and smooth .
    I hope this info can help others.
    By the way this program is FREE !!

    Thanks Andy
  2. Obviously nobody is having this trouble anymore ? Oh well ! Lots of folks read this and no replies :)
  3. Hmm, sound promissing. Might gonna test this prog :p
  4. Nop, I get exactly this problem. Off to get it now.

    Cheers Fella.
  5. Doesnt work for me. Still get the stuttering withing 8/9 laps...as soon my replay file is up to 2 Ghz. The only way i can stop it is to make the replay folder ready only. This way i loose the race replay unfortunately.
  6. EDIT: ignore/delete this post
  7. For AMD Cards you can download the AMD Fusion software which does the same thing, and you can personalise / bespoke it a well
  8. MMmmm didn't work for me either unfortunately, but since I got AMD board and processor gonna give this AMD fusion a blast and see if I gain anything.

    Didn't have this problem before the patch though. grrr
  9. Where do I find this file? Iwould like to try it as a read only, I have the same stuttering problem.

    Found it! :redface: