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Assetto Corsa: Steam Pre-Order Price 40-45 Euro

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by RaceDepartment, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff Member

    Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

    Assetto Corsa: Steam Pre-Order Price 40-45 Euro

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  2. Cannot wait to pre order this beauty.
  3. No ETA yet, right? Even roughly, this year, next year.
  4. Oh yeah bring it :)
  5. Nice :). All sounds good to me.
  6. Marco's confirmed it'll definitely be released this year.
  7. Von Butters

    Von Butters
    Premium Member

    I'm salivating at the thought of this coming out
  8. Copied & Pasted from my entry in the RD thread on this subject on Facebook.
    (Im lazy & tired & tired of of typing it out)

  9. Mapu

    Premium Member

    will the download content be available to pre-orders only?
  10. CCX

    AC Physics: Mini | Koenigsegg One:1

    As far as I know you'll be able to download it from their website like netKar Pro. They've confirmed it's not Steam exclusive.
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  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Don't quote me on it as I am not sure and guessing here but looking at other game devs active on Steam you'll always need it to receive updates/upgrades/patches.

    The only exception was the first release of GTR Evolution but I think Simbin dropped the patching for offline games pretty quickly as well as there is no easier way to patch a game than through Steam. One click and done.

    Never understood what the concerns are with Steam really. Can you clarify what is holding you back from using it?
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  12. Seriously? Blackmailing? Then I don't want to download your tracks ever with that attitude.
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  13. Lee going by there previous game nK Pro, i would say it would be widely available on europe sites such as game, shopto etc... it's likely they will but ofcourse confirmation is the best to get :)
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  14. Refusing to use Steam? Seriously? It's the same as refusing to use your own washing machine. Just make an account, purchase & install the game and click on the Play button. There you go.

    OT: Awesome news!
  15. Tried Steam, to download the Simbin series.
    GTL never worked properly.
    Parts of GTR2 were greyed out (a couple of cars from memory).
    Race07 worked fine besides the start-up stuff which was just plain weird & one of the first tracks I built went into Race07 & worked fine off line.
    When I went online though it shut down with a notice saying there was illegal content or something similar & not long after found that Steam had deleted my install.
    In doing so sectors on my HDD were corrupted (at the time a near brand new HDD)
    But what really got me was the failure to help beyond generic replies from Steam about them not being responsible.
    Since then Ive heard of similar & other troubles, although rare, due to Steam with similar responses.
    I was even more Noob-ular than I am now with PC's in general (my first ever PC I inherited in 2007) & it cost me a LOT of money to get my PC fixed.
    It was my only dealing with Steam, left me with a bad taste, as it were, & from what I understand, Steam wants to control what content is on my PC.
    I never got a refund & my account was axed.
    It's due to this that I only run rFactor & SRW now.
    Im REALLY looking forward to A-C, it looks great, but I dread the thought of allowing Steam to run rampant on my system ever again.
    I could go into it further but it's 4am here & I'd need to dig through old spare HDD's to find relevant conversations I have copy & pasted into txt documents.
    If you need more I can try...
  16. The problem is you not steam.
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  17. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The issues you raise with GTR2 are not Steams fault but a licensing issue with SimBin that prevented them to use the Ferrari and Porsches in that particular game.

    GTL works flawless for me on Steam and same for RACE 07.

    The other things you mention I have never heard before to be honest and sound more like a user problem than a platform issue.

    One thing I totally agree with from experience is the horrible Steam support via email. That is by far the worst customer service in the industry :)
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  18. How this type of post is tolerated here or elsewhere is a mystery. :thumbsdown:

    Lee Knight ,

    Steam is a source of trouble for a lot of people (check NoGrip's SIMBIN subforum threads, in particular one with a link posted for the resolution of many different problems), but given the decisions by devs/publishers to follow that path there is nothing we (simracers) can do - other than refuse to purchase these games/sims (which some of us already have done).
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  19. How is that blackmailing?
    Fine, you don't have to download my tracks, if I choose to release them, Im not forcing you to just as Im not being forced to use Steam.
    It's not just me either, there's a few others out there that have been burnt by them as well...
    It's not really an attitude, but your response seems to me as though I HAVE to release my tracks.
    I don't.
    I could just make them for myself & pass about amongst friends if I so choose to as with any other track or mod builder.
    What is an attitude is claiming Im blackmailing & leaving me feeling as though Im being attacked for merely asking a couple of reasonable questions...

    It's not that simple when you have a problem due to Steam.
    Been there done that & won't ever again.

    BTW, the more folks try to change my opinion of steam without wanting to know my reasons for my stance the more likely I am just to keep to myself.
    In my experience, most people learning to build tracks & mods or have already mastered the art of building them do so & continue to do so, do it for their own satisfaction.
    As I said, no-one forces you to download our content we make freely available just as no-one is forcing me to use Steam.
    There's some of us that would like to attemp to build to the quality that A-C demands but to do so we'd need access to A-C & we just don't want to go down the Steam road again.
    Im not attacking anything, Im not blackmailing anyone.
    Im not telling anyone NOT to use Steam, Im just stating my personal stance when questioned why, even if I have been a bit more vocal in asking the question as to alternative outlets for Assetto Corsa.
    If I can respect the opinion of others & their choice to use Steam then please respect my decision not to, thank You

    Thank you too to Bram & Scott for being able to reasonably answer my questions to the best of your knowledge & yes Scott, confirmation would be nice- along with some more details from Kunos themselves