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Assetto Corsa RaceLog Suggestions

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by RaceDepartment, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    Earlier this week we released the first beta version of RaceLog (see here). Besides the currently supported games on RaceDepartment we will of course also add Assetto Corsa to the list to also give AC and unmatched online experience.

    In the navigation bar of the forum and website you can find two new tabs with Rankings and Results and more (premium) features will be released shortly for testing.

    From future AC players we would like to hear which kind of features you would like to see added.

    Think of logging, live server views or anything else you think that is currently missing and let us know in this thread please.

    Thanks :thumbsup:
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  2. Looks nice;) ... but 2 crucial things are missing ... IMO of course:

    1. servers running races all day long with automated entry lists where people could signup for the races (where of course nKP should be included :p)

    2. a fair safety rank ... without it i think people will be even more competitive and desrespectfull for other drivers trying to go up in the rating ... and will be allways people complaining that others dont follow the rules, cutting turns, drive agressive, and bla bla bla

    i know a safety rank is more complicated to do cause everygame have is own way to detect contacts and out of track driving and so on ... and is also complicated to find a fair system ... but to me its what can make people drive more carefull and respectfull for the others and make online racing really fun.

    It seems that the DNF points count a lot on the rating score and i like that a lot so people just dont quit after the first incident

    If you can implement the 2 suggestions i told for AC it will be excellent and almost for sure you will have my premium membership

    But congrats for starting making a system like this ... Not sure if this is a Stefan Mizzi project ... if it is its very good you decide it to go for it man;)
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  3. I am not a fan of this in iRacing. You are punished for being hit by someone, punished for pushing too hard which results in going wide of the track which is punishment by itself. Also safety rating results in too cautious driving. People are often afraid of their SR and just let other drivers overtake them.
  4. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    Lets not discuss whether a SR in iRacing is badly implemented or not but lets focus on suggesting features that are useful to add to RaceLog for Assetto Corsa.

    Think out of the box and believe that your suggestions will be implemented without bugs. #idealvirtualworld :)
  5. If a Safety Rating were to be implemented, I would hope to have a rule allowing 2 wheels off, just as IRL. Time lost and unsettling the car should be punishment enough. Also, if an off is due to avoiding a wreck, that should be taken into account.
  6. but how should an automatic system know if it is because of dodging a wreck... or avoiding a crash or so... in reallife you have the officials that review and judge such situtations... but an automatic system can't do that I think... maybe it could when getting more complicated like.. spin in front .. car moving towards you and so on... but that would also then open for more bugs and shortcuts etc...

    I think a safety rating feature is quite usefull...

    (I know we are not here to discuss if the sr in iracing is good or bad etc.. but I need kind of explain what I think about it to get to the next step)

    even if I read some people who don't like it how it is made in iracing... I think it is quite good for an automatic system...
    even I thought at the beginning it is abit unfair that you get punished for people driving into you.. and maybe it is... but.. the funny thing is... the more experienced I got there... the less people run into me (ofcourse rookie series is still quite differend but even there I am involved in less "not my fault crashes" then in the beginning)

    and for the argument that people became too cautios because of sr... I don't think so.. maybe in the beginning with not so experienced drivers (but that is exactly the strong point of it that unexperienced drivers driver more carerfully)... but with experienced drivers I got some very very tight and tough battles there... and the nice thing you can drive then very tight and tough with them because you somewhat feel or know they are aware of whats happening.. because otherwise they would drive more carefull... ofcourse there are always exceptions.. but after some time you can judge quite good if you can race somebody tight and tough... or if you better stay a bit more away and just wait till the other one sort himself out...

    also the punishment isn't that hard as some may think... even if you get an 4x as an A driver in a rockie series... you still gain sr afterwards if you finish the race and don't have more "big" incidents... and if you get multiple 4x for example.. you should start to think about it...

    so as an "unexperienced driver" (did simracing for a very long time before but not in an enviroment like that) I wasn't a fan of the safety rating by my self... but the more exprienced I got the more I understood it and even quite like it... because the sr system trained me to be more aware of everything around... yes that meant at sometime to be a bit more carefull... but after more time know... I would say I became even more aggressive but also alot more clean... you just start to learn to know when is the time to drive hard and aggressive and when you maybe better shouldn't

    sorry that this got so long.. I just needed to exlpain what I think about it... hope this won't end in an iracing sr discussion because this is not the point but... I needed to explain that to say...

    an Iracing like SR system would be quite usefull if it is implementable... ofcourse it don't need to be a 1 to 1 copy of that system.. it can maybe finetuned or altered or what ever....but the iSR system is a quite good basic to use in my opinion... ofcourse only for the long term usage because it need maybe 1-2 years to mirror and to teach how to drive clean but tight and at points aggressive at the same time... but well every rating system is made for long term usage.

    ofcourse I see the downside for the beginners and so... it can get quite frustrating at times... but that is then also a question at which group such thing is aiming... if it is aiming for people who do want to use it long time then they also want and will let the beginners time behind and get more experienced....
    and I think that is also what this is aiming at... because it isn't an implementation in the gamecore.. so the just want to drive for fun from time to time (the more casual ones if you want to say so) can still just jump into servers and so without such system

    however long post... I hope not too much discussion feeding... just wanted to say.. I would like to see a SR system :)
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  7. Actually in iRacing drivers are split based on irating. Only thing SR does is getting higher licence. So in my opinion global ranking included in RaceLog should do the thing.
  8. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth

    Getting back on topic, a list of fastest lap times per track would be great.
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  9. Good suggestion Craig! The hot laps widget is ready and currently under testing so it will available in a couple of days :)
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    • - Top 5 lap times for each track would be Nice with a set-up button would be even better as was seen on radiator springs.
    • - Official race times with races at say 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm for each time zone would be cool
    • - Sprint server that's always running 4 minute qualification and 9 Minute races with track rotation after each race would be nice with the top players being placed on a scoreboard based on there average finishing position and there race time.
    • - Super sprint server that's just running on a given track each week and is 5 minute race with the next races grid based on finishing positions of the last race.
    • - Some sort of vote system to commend people that race well and a score board that shows the highest commended racers.
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  10. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    [quote="GamerMuscle, post: 1490661, member: 135859"
    • - Official race times with races at say 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm for each time zone would be cool

    I may add here something like this.At every user profile or even in the list of users somewere near will be verry usefull to see the time of their zone without CET or GMT and the time left to an league event or club event that a user signed.If this is possible will be a good feature for all the people who missed a race because of time zone differences.If i can dare,as Bram said get funky with ideeas,when the time is 1 hour left to a event,one may recive an automated message on smartphone.via internet i dont know.like a schedule alarm.:D
  11. Once the RD system is up and running ( I assume its still in beta) having a top banner on the home page below or above the top add slot that has a stinger for events would be a big help as currently I think most people would miss that RD has this sort of service running.

    Might even be worth running it on another website www.RDLIVERACE.com and then just link to that from here. that way you can have a dedicated site that people will load up and be directed to live racing.
  12. Live server view is pretty awesome, maybe even joining servers and managing favourites possible? As Dinca said : Race Reminders would be cool too ;)
  13. I love your suggestions guys! Awesome ;)

    As this will be an ongoing project for a long time which I am doing in my free time (unfortunately I'm a busy man at work!), I'll be adding widgets like you guys are suggesting. :D

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