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Assetto Corsa Netcode

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Lee Ross, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know if they will have animated driver arms this time round?
  2. Why would you want that ?

    I reckon anyone would drive without the steering wheel/arms in the way ? :p
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  3. Well, personally i normally drive most sims without the arms or wheel due to the way my rig is setup it works well, but i have got used to it in rF2 now and i like it. Plus it works better for videos, looks a bit odd when watching it back without hands :p

    No biggie, just interested
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  4. Ah, good point. I hope the replays will be better than in netkar, so videos look good.
  5. Do you mean onboard replays? Because i think the regular replays and camera angles looked really good :D

  6. Cars look very floaty through corners, and not connected to the road; like you're moving them around with your hand.
    Could be just the KS2, now that you mention it.

    See some cornering in this video, looks like they're going sideways
  7. Yes this happens Senad but i think is due to lag or something.Well i believe that will have a "normal" netcode this time :D
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  8. I remember i was supossed to race in this league for the UK with Jon Denton, still have the email from Jon discussing setups. The netcode on the run up to the league though with the club races really put me off and meant i had to withdraw. Really can't wait to see what they have done with the Netcode this time round, could be a really special sim.

    Off topic but what the hell is the deal with the commentator on there? It's weird as hell, sounds like Stephen Hawking
  9. Netcode is already pretty good in netkar 1.3 final. I can't remember the last time anyone had an issue.

    Haha, yeah, that's a voice synthesizer I think.
  10. Well, pretty good is going a little far I think, it works most of the time is the right wording I would say! ;) It went a long way from back in the days when we had invisible walls and the likes but it still is miles behind the competition be it features or stability wise. I do hope that for AC they manage to get this (very) crucial part right this time.
  11. Well, personal experience, can't remember the last issue, and plenty of bumper to bumper action :D
    Although, I can't drive the faster open wheelers, so not much experience there.
  12. I only started playing nKP after the 1.3 final and the only issues i experienced was to disconnect during 1 or 2 events ... and that was probably my internet connection. If i had not read about it i would never say there was so many problems in nKP early versions.

    The best sim driving experience i had until today ... lucky me i only found it in 1.3 Final:)
  13. Bram

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    Posts split from the news thread and created a new thread for this topic
  14. Thread title about Netcode but op about animated driver arms . . . does not compute :confused:
  15. These posts were split from the original discussion that went into netcode territory.
  16. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Not yet buddy.

    I'll be honest as always guys. When I can say something, I'm glad to discuss it with you.
    When I'm not able to discuss something, it is for the following reasons:
    - Too early in the development stage so I don't know how it will end up
    - Feature works but no real testing yet so who knows in "real life"
    - Licensing issues and contracts that prevent me to tell
    - Little secret I don't want the competition to know or ruin the surprise (we don't have many of those though)
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  17. I saw what u did there...

    haha just kiding :D
  18. Had i been playing AC i would have still been in the race because you would actually be able to counter steer in AC...

    This game can´t come soon enough...