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Sounds Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - FMOD (Sound Mod) 1.7

Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - FMOD (Sound Mod)

  1. It does not work sirr.
  2. the critics out there are a little hard, VLM did this car for EA F1 99-02 .....and one thing that was noticeable in their sound,was that this car did not idle well, it had a rough idle....subtle misfire....but boy, when you throttles, it can to life in a hurry. Its probably why it was my most anticipated car for corsa. I know nothing about making sound, easy to be armchair quarterback....I spent over 1 hour driving your sound, I like it. keep pocking away at it....if you love doing it, its not working, its fun.

    C11 but it give you something! anyway love listening to this.....it music to me LOL
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2015
  3. I like 1.3.....does not sound like anything else out, got some uniqueness.
  4. Do you guys get the "whistle killing ears sound" when you brake?
  5. no "whistle killing ears sound" sound here matte
  6. working and sound great now :)
  7. Must say, very good.......maybe just a little to loud transmission whine ( very little ) . Sweet

    5 star for sure here.
  8. it´s like in the video ... tranny is very loud to hear sometimes ;-), but i can make it a bit lower
  9. and what u mean now with the vid Toonces?!?! ;-)
  10. I have no sound when i use your mod. Can you help me ?

    Thanks .